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Sat 4th Dec 2021
© Andy Sexton
Eurobike 2010: Components
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 15th September 2010

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Last weeks Eurobike trade show was attended by experienced cyclist and triathlete Andy Sexton from Bike Science ( As well as drooling over the latest exotica as you would expect, Andy was also looking at the products with his 'bike fitter' hat on, as one of the few fully certified Retül fitters in the UK.

In this first piece last week, Andy reviewed the latest bikes on show, and then followed that up with his wheel review.

The final piece of Eurobike 2010 comprises of the components that caught his eye.

So here it is. Better late than never, our final report from this years Eurobike show. As with all shows there's no shortage of Tour winners, Hawaii winners, German nutters in fancy dress and scantily clad females selling their wares (or helping to sell someone else's), with ex and current pro roadies and triathletes a plenty. With all the famous folk, and flash carbon bikes on show, it's sometimes easy to miss the smaller stuff on show but here's just a few of our highlights.


Power to your pedals!

Look Keo PowerProbably the most significant new tech on offer to the techy triathlete was the introduction of Look's new Keo Power power meter system. Similar to the Metrigear system that "launched" at last years Interbike, the Look system promises an accuracy of +/- 2%, measurement of left/right leg power imbalances and easy movement between bikes.

Expected in the shops sometime around Spring 2011, Look, in conjunction with heart rate monitor pioneers Polar claim to have a system on their hands capable of competing with the more established Powertap and SRM systems. The major concern with the Look/Polar system being no Ant+ compatibility. Why? I've no idea. Seems like a fairly major omission to me.

With the much anticipated Metrigear system still "vapourwear" for the time being, the entry of the Keo Power system to the market might be well timed. Only time of course will tell if the system proves to be as accurate and reliable as the suggested 1500-1800 Euros price tag demands.

Helmets and Shoes

More aero lids than you can point a pointy helmet at. The choice for triathletes looking to glean that extra aero advantage keeps growing, with sponsors of Team Sky Pro Cycling Kask looking for a major slice of the market next year. OK, so you'd look like a smurf in the stumpy aero lid Bradley Wiggins has been seen in at recent TT events, but let's admit it, aero lids have never really been a triumph of style over performance.

Lots of pointy lids...

New shoes from Giro are the most significant new offering in the footwear department. With an already dominant share of the helmet market and and ever more popular range of eyewear, Giro brought some pretty tasty looking shoes along. Nothing tri specific at the moment, but the three strap Prolight SLX road shoe will certainly get a few weight obsessed triathletes salivating.

Giro and Shimano


As mentioned in Part 1 of this report, Di2 is EVERYWHERE, but proving that the idea of mechanical shifting isn't altogether dead, Vision Tech introduce their leftfield "Metron" gear shifters. These things look for all the world like tri bar mounted brake levers, however they're a novel shift mechanism. Pull the lever like a brake for an up shift. Depress the button end of the shifter to change down. It's hard to tell how well these will work out on the road, but they're a pretty neat looking package.

Vision Tech Metron


Andy Sexton runs Bike Science (, Precision Bike Fitters with outlets in Bristol, Rotherham and Derby. If you are looking to optimise your riding experience, or indeed find out - in advance - what bike will best suit your needs and avoid costly mistakes, Bike Science can provide you with the very best advice with their state-of-the-art technology and decades of cycling experience.

Bike Science Bristol

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