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Fri 3rd Dec 2021
Eurobike 2010: Wheels
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 10th September 2010

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Last weeks Eurobike trade show was attended by experienced cyclist and triathlete Andy Sexton from Bike Science ( As well as drooling over the latest exotica as you would expect, Andy was also looking at the products with his 'bike fitter' hat on, as one of the few fully certified Retül fitters in the UK.

In this first review earlier this week, Andy reviewed the latest bikes on show. Today, he turns his attention to wheels...

Next up in our Eurobike roundup are the wheels. Plenty on offer here for even the most tech hungry triathlete.

Losing weight or improving the aerodynamics of your wheels is a sure fire way to gain a performance advantage and this years show saw more than it's fair share of super light, aero wheels hit the market.

Lightweight it certainly isWith so many hot hoops on show it's hard to pick an outright favourite, but there has to be one, and for me (and the Eurobike show award judges) it's the German manufacturer Carbonsport's latest incarnation of their already stunningly light disc wheel. Tipping the scales at an eye watering sub 800g (that's around 20% lighter than the best that Zipp can offer) it's a truly impressive piece of engineering. Combined with their new eight (yes eight) spoke front wheel it's obvious that they're a company who'll continue to push the boundaries of what's considered possible - assuming you've robbed a bank recently.

Carbon spoke technology looks to finally be ready to hit the mainstream with new offerings from Mavic, Corima and Reynolds. More significantly for those of us with a more modest budget, Taiwanese manufacturer Gigantex (who produce rims and wheels for a large number of well known brands) had a new novel hub and spoke design on show that's bound to find it's way into some more affordable aero wheelsets over the next twelve months or so.

Gignatex hub / AX-Lightness bling

Proving that Carbonsports aren't the only German company pushing the boundaries, Deutsch Hoopmeisters AX-Lightness were showing off a huge range of eye wateringly light carbon wheels starting at sub 750g for a pair! Whilst these wheels definitely had a air of "for show only" about them their 850g offering had a quoted rider weight limit of 90kg. Of more interest to triathletes AX's Premium Road 69 wheelset with deeper more aerodynamic 69mm rims. The weight? 1160g per pair. Rider weight limit? 90kg. The price? I don't know, but I know I can't afford them.

Plenty of other well known brands including Oval, Profile Design and FSA all add to their already popular range of products with new aero wheels aimed squarely at the triathlon market.

Vision range, plus unbranded new trispoke

Another notable spot was as an impressive looking and as yet unbranded new trispoke with innovative new asymetric rim and spoke shape. Expect to see this one addorning top end tri bikes next season.

Our final report coming later this week looks at bits, bobs and accessories for triathletes feeling the need for a few choice upgrades next season.


Andy Sexton runs Bike Science (, Precision Bike Fitters with outlets in Bristol, Rotherham and Derby. If you are looking to optimise your riding experience, or indeed find out - in advance - what bike will best suit your needs and avoid costly mistakes, Bike Science can provide you with the very best advice with their state-of-the-art technology and decades of cycling experience.

Bike Science Bristol

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