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Sun 29th May 2022
World Duathlon: Age Group results and report
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Saturday 4th September 2010

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Well, day two of the GE 2010 Edinburgh ITU World Duathlon Championships is a wrap - and once again, Holyrood Park provided both a stunning backdrop AND some amazing weather. This truly is a stunning venue, and blue skies and sunshine just add even further to make a wonderful backdrop for sport. That such a site is literally a stones throw from the bustling heart of Edinburgh is difficult to believe - notably by several visiting US athletes I spoke to, who were highly impressed!

Friday saw the Paraduathlon events, while today it was the turn of the Age Groupers, and thus the busiest day of the weekend with 800+ athletes spread across three waves starting at 8am, and with the final finisher in at around 6.30pm. It was a long, tiring, but massively fun day on commentary duty for me, with some exciting racing, some great stories and a whole lot of fun - with the athletes racing in great spirits.

Summarising the day in a few words is difficult, but in the words of one athletes Facebook page; "Edingburgh you have just been Gilfillaned!!!"

Fastest athlete overall on the day - and the only finisher to break two hours on the tough 10km / 41.6km / 5km course - was James Gilfillan (M3034), who just a few minutes before his start had seen and heard sister Ceris Styler finish second overall, and silver medal winner in F3034. A fantastic day for a talented family.

Fastest female overall, and the only athlete ahead of Ceris was Victoria Gill (also F3034), who races for Thames Turbo. Victoria is a relatively recent convert to multipsports from a strong running background, but today she had, in my opinion, the best bike ride of her life to manage to exit T2 around 30 seconds behind Ceris, who produced - as you would expect from a former Olympic cyclist - a powerful display of the challenging bike section. With just 2km to go, Vicky had closed that gap back to regain the lead she held at the end of the first run, and pulled away to a great victory in what was a hard fought, and very exciting event to watch.

James had no such issues - second out onto the bike section, by the end of lap one he was clear in the lead, and then just extended that lead every single lap. By T2 he was - at a conservative estimate - a full five minutes clear, and could readily have strolled home to win. Of course, he didn't, and kept the pressure on for a totally dominant and well deserved victory. Sister Ceris was there to welcome him at the finish, and the sight of a microphone and an interview 10 seconds later appeared to be the only time of the whole day he showed any visible signs of stress - it was a stunning performance from an athlete on top form.

Ian Cardy (35-39) and Jeremy Tomlinson (50-54) both retained the titles that they won last year in Concord, while Kenny Riddle (45-49) brought home a win for Scotland - and lots more too. Here is a quick run down of the (provisional) medal winners:


Category Gold Silver Bronze
F2024 Marie Noel Labrecque (CAN) Nadia Pretorius (RSA) Kelly-Anne Speight (IRL)
F2529 Danielle Stewart (GBR) Katrin Beyer (GER) Ellis Connery (IRL)
F3034 Victoria Gill (GBR) Ceris Styler (GBR) Joanna Walker (GBR)
F3539 Juliette Minter (GBR) Esther Evans (GBR) Samantha Boswell (GBR)
F4044 Christine Howard (GBR) Anja Heijnan (NED) Mel Varvel (GBR)
F4549 Ann Davidson (USA) Juliet Vickery (GBR) Claudia Hille (GER)
F5054 Marion Hoffmann (GER) Margaret Ritchie (CAN) Stacey Creamer (USA)
F5559 Hilary Ross (GBR) Anne Mitchell (USA) Betsy Henderson (USA)
F6064 Elspeth Knott (GBR) Barbara Leverett (GBR) Terry Miffleton (USA)
F6569 Lynda Lemon (CAN) Ann Bould (NZL) Barb Morgan (USA)
F7074 Frieda Metz (GER) Marge Rajczewski (USA) Gabriele Pelz (GER)
F7579 Pat Fossum (GBR)    
M1819 Christian Preece (GBR) Daniel Bailey (GBR) Matthew Halliday (GBR)
M2024 Gregory Grosicki (USA) Craig Dale (GBR) James Ratcliffe (GBR)
M2529 Rene Herdmann (GER) Ciaran Dougherty (GBR) Hugh Mackenzie (GBR)
M3034 James Gilfillan (GBR) Harold Harnish (GER) Ross Muir (GBR)
M3539 Ian Cardy (GBR) Richard Phillips (GBR) Lee Piercy (GBR)
M4044 David Frake (CAN) Didier Virvaleix (FRA) Marcel Montag (GER)
M4549 Kenny Riddle (GBR) Alan Rowe (GBR) Paul Hone (GBR)
M5054 Jermey Tomlinson (GBR) Peter Wheddon (GBR) Dave Riffe (USA)
M5559 David Field (CAN) Mogens Busk Sorensen (DEN) Dino Beretta (ITA)
M6064 Raymond Schmitt (FRA) Miroslav Krsek (CZE) Steve Ruckert (USA)
M6569 Bert Streumer (NED) Carlos Leite (POR) Giorgia Alemmani (ITA)
M7074 Roberto De Marcellis (ITA) George Black (GBR) John Wood (NZL)
M7579 Wolfgang Funk (GER) Roger Brockenbrough (USA) Arnott Kidd (GBR)
M80+ Edwin Bixenstine (USA) Edward Maruna (USA)  

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