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Tue 19th Feb 2019
blueseventy Axis wetsuit
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 11th August 2010

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bluseventy's Axis wetsuit has hit the water in 2010 and been the cause of much discussion among competitors looking for a new open water friend. It looks like a good one and is selling very well. We look at this essential kit item in a bit of detail in a two part feature with a full test to follow from one of our contributors who recently took part in the Challenge Roth event.

The Axis, for 2010 effectively joins the much heralded (and improved for 2010 too...) Helix, as the joint top-of-the-range wetsuit from blueseventy. The 2010 blueseventy range has been split into Neutral Buoyancy and Balanced Buoyancy, the later - of which the Axis is the top suit - specifically targetted at triathletes with higher buoyancy materials in the hips, thighs and lower leg to compensate for "heavier legs" developed through running and cycling.

Here is how blueseventy describe the Axis.

The sport of triathlon brings athletes from different sporting backgrounds to compete in a true test of all round endurance and skills.

Every piece of equipment used in the modern sporting arena has specific features and benefits for different conditions, skills and in most cases individual body type needs. The world of wetsuits have for many years been oblivious to the “path to triathlon” taken by many of it's participants. With over 85% of those coming from a running, cycling or other sport background aside of swimming. blueseventy recognises that many athletes possess a denser leg make up due to well-exercised and established glutemous maximus (Thigh) muscles and dense calves. This “heavier legs” leaves a majority of triathletes at a distinct disadvantage in the first discipline. In our goal to give the world a faster swimming experience the AXIS has been developed with the focus on centralizing the buoyancy and balancing out the buoyancy zones.


The body has a large buoyancy zone in the torso, two big air bags in fact, “the lungs”, with such large natural floatation it makes sense for those with a buoyancy centered on the upper body to focus the extreme additional suit buoyancy in the lower extremities. By placing higher buoyancy materials in the hips, thighs and lower leg the goal of “Balanced buoyancy’ is achieved.  By increasing the height of the lower body and lifting the legs and hips the body is in a more streamlined position allowing a more efficient swim stroke.

  • Balanced buoyancy for increased body alignment and performance delivered through anatomically located blueseventy “Molecular neoprene” designed to deliver superior buoyancy over typical neoprenes.
  • Increased feel of the water and propulsion with forearm propulsion panels.
  • Anatomically correct 380-flex reach panels for maximum flexibility and arm detachment from the main body.
  • Low friction neck to promote comfort and increase sighting comfort.
  • Easy release ankle system for faster transitions.
  • Specific “Femme Fit” upper body panels incorporated to accommodate the female form.

The Axis suit is the antitheses of the popular notion that one size fits all, recognising that no two body types share the same natural buoyancy and muscle fibre composition. If you struggle to maintain a good body position in the water then our Axis suit will help encourage higher hip and leg carriage in order to deliver a faster and more enjoyable swimming experience. Sure it's a radical departure, but then we've never been shy of swimming against the tide.

You can find out more about the blueeventy range by clicking here

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