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Tue 27th Sep 2022
Postcard from Roth...
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 16th July 2010

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Tri247's Paul Shanley is out in Germany for this weekend's Challenge Roth iron-distance race, and after a long drive has arrived, registered... and watched Chrissie Wellington arm wrestle?!

Here is his update.

Arm wrestling and leather shorts is my summary of today! Well, I say leather shorts, I should say compression socks and it would seem that compression is very much in vogue at Roth.

After a 600 mile drive from London and one overnight stop along the way we made it to Roth for the first day of race registration.

Chrissie WellingtonThe journey was entertaining, the Channel Tunnel was nice and easy and the only thing that took us by surprise was a couple of traffic jams which cost us a couple of hours. Traffic jams is something we hadn't even thought of but it seems they do get them in Europe too so it's not just us!

As it is the first day of registration the expo site is relatively quiet but there is still plenty going on. There is a good range of exhibitors and of course lots of very nice looking bikes. The pros have also been along today to register and after lots of rumours of Chrissie being around I finally spotted her dressed in tradtional German clothing and she had just been asked to arm wrestle for a photo for the local press. As you can imagine it all seemed a bit surreal but Chrissie as always was relaxed and smiling away. We also spotted Belinda Granger (again dressed in traditional German clothing) and Eneko Llanos and with some other big names racing (including one of my favourites Norman Stadler), Sunday is shaping up to another epic Challenge Roth! It is going to be great day of elite racing.

We are staying just on the outskirts of a town called Schwbach which is about 10km from Roth, the hotel is well set up for triathletes with all you can eat pasta dinners, bike storage and plenty of race day information on display. We managed an hour ride today and already we cant believe how smooth the roads are and what a difference it makes to your cycling. Looking more and more forward to the race on Sunday! Early night tonight and hopefully a swim in the morning to see what the canal is like!


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