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Tue 26th Mar 2019
IRONMAN UK: the truth behind the rumours...
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 20th October 2009

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The status, future and plans for Ironman UK seem to generate far more than their fair share of column inches, gossip, speculation, rumour and much more.

With UK Ironman 70.3 2010 in Wimbleball open for online entries tomorrow (Wednesday), we thought it was time to try and address at least some of the questions that many - including us (!) - have been asking of late.

And what better way to do that, than to speak directly to organisers. Alison Boon from the TriUK Ironman UK organising team agreed to set the record straight on a number of areas we raised, and we are grateful to her to answering those queries, and also for raising the prospect of a NEW UK Ironman 70.3 event in 2011.

Are you still involved with the Ironman UK event?

"The WTC [Ed. World Triathlon Corporation] now own IRONMAN UK and UK IRONMAN 70.3 - in the same way that they now also own the North American and German IRONMAN events, to name but a few. No doubt you have seen the statements from the various race organisers about these re-acquisitions over the past months. Our UK events are now part of this initial group which are back under the main wing of the WTC."

Is it still Chris, yourself and the current team organising Ironman UK for 2010?

"Yes, the exact same team are still organising the UK IRONMAN 70.3 and the IRONMAN UK events. We have known about the WTC plans for our events for many months - but at the Race Office it has been business as usual as nothing changes at all. The venues are in place for the 2010 events and the same organising team is still place for the 2010 events."

Can you give us any more details of the future plans for Ironman UK - 2010 and future years?

"Plans for the 2010 event started as soon as the 2009 event had taken place! It is a rolling schedule for us - no time to take a breath or anything. The fact that the event is now a key part of the WTC global series is very exciting for us. We have always worked very closely with the WTC - this new relationship ensures that this continues. Plans for the 2010 event and beyond is to ensure there is no mud at Bolton!"

Will Wimbleball continue, and do you have any other plans for the UK 70.3?

"Wimbleball is firmly on the map we feel! The event has become so world famous in just a few short years and rightly so! It is a fantastic event in a beautiful English location. It has been called the 'toughest 70.3 in the world' by Macca. What more could an event ask for? We have always had more plans for the 70.3 format here in the UK. We now have the added factor of the WTC with European and Worldwide resources to hand. With this in mind we are actively seeking a second location for a new UK IRONMAN 70.3 event. For this second event we are looking for a city centre partner with a view for a 2011 launch date."

"To sum up: To be part of such a large, global team is very exciting and very reassuring. We have always been passionate about the IRONMAN brand and to now be able to further the brand within this large global team is going to keep our passions alive for many years to come. All of this can only be a positive move for the IRONMAN market here in the UK which is still somewhat in its infancy when compared to other countries around the world."

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