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Tue 26th Mar 2019

Insoles for cycling

Having an orthotic/insole fitted when you're not fully weight bearing seems a strange concept, yet many cyclists benefit from them:

  • Think about the forces applied to your feet through your knees when cycling. The foot (again) has to keep-up a near perfect alignment through-out the course if we don't want the knee to bear the consequences of mal-alignment.
  • The rigidity of modern cycling shoes is there to transfer the rider's leg power to the bike.
  • The foot is a malleable structure responsible for insuring the lower limb stability and biomechanical alignment

This equation is complicated by the fact that all forces and power have to be transferred through a very small and unstable aspect of the fore foot.

Only a custom moulded orthotic/insole specifically designed for cycling can restore, strengthen and aid your natural foot function. ski alignment

Foot instability

Inherent foot instability such as

  • Pronation
  • Fore foot varu
  • 1st Ray hyper mobility

cause the rear foot or fore foot to collapse inwards during motion. This off-sets the power transfer up the leg, distorting alignment.

Knee Biomechanical mal-alignment

The mis-alignment of the knee during the cycling leads to:

  • Patellae mal-tracking
  • Knee pain

Besides the discomfort caused and potential for injury, performance is also impaired.

Footfactor will assess your biomechanical function and create orthotics/insoles to correct these issues leading to a smoother ride and optimum performance.