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Sat 19th Jan 2019
Review: Puma Velosis
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 28th July 2009

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For our latest product test we called upon Will Newbery to test out the Puma Velosis running shoe.

I received the shoes a couple of weeks prior to Ironman Austria and decided not to use them as my shoes for the event but did use them for a few runs with clients up to 90 minutes and since coming back from Austria I have worn them a few times on short runs.

“Are all shoes orange?” is what Kath (other half) said when I opened the box containing a pair of Puma Velosis running shoes. It’s true most of my shoes tend to have a fair amount of orange in them. Let’s get the important part of the review over first. These look soooooo good! The colours stand out but not in a garish way. Futuristic bling is probably how I would describe them

I have never had a pair of Puma running shoes before and in order not to be baffled by the techno speak littered on the shoe (idCELL, KMSlite, ArchTec , duoCELL, EverTrack and EverRide to name a few) I did not look at the website for clues as to what they mean. Out of the box they feel very comfortable, very plush and well cushioned. With no medial support they are intended for the more biomechanically efficient among us. I am a neutral runner but tend to favour shoes with a little medial support as when I get tired my hips tend to resemble those of Elvis Presley.

The heel is well supported and a fair amount of cushioning gives a nice smooth ride that is surprisingly firm. I had a pair of Asics Nimbus once and while the cushioning appears pretty similar the Asics feel much more bouncy – whereas the Velosis give a responsive ride that belies the 1 inch wedge of foam in the heel without being harsh at all. The fit is reasonably wide which I am very happy about not experiencing the usual blister between-the-toe problems I have.

So in summary I have come to these (non-scientific) conclusions:

  • They look really cool
  • They give a nicely cushioned but firm ride
  • Your feet feel like they are wrapped in soft pillows
  • They look really cool
  • If you get bored running you can read all the techno babble on them!
  • Did I mention how cool they look?
  • I saw Freddie Flintoff wearing a pair in the paper! (make of that what you wish)

I like these shoes. In a world where sometimes simplicity is over looked and people (triathletes especially) are looking for new features to make you run 30 seconds per km faster in a race without training harder they are refreshingly simple. I’m sure if I was to look on their website I’d end up being told that “the high toe spring and aggressive midsole taper give you a little extra boost on every stride”. But I’d rather the shoe tell me that!

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