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Sun 22nd Sep 2019
Gower Duathlon: Garmin Route of the Month
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 15th July 2009

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With the inaugural Gower Duathlon this weekend, it's a perfect time to preview the eagerly anticipated bike course in detail with our latest Garmin Route of the Month.

Billed as one of the most stunning bike and run courses ever seen in the UK, the event is the first of its kind in the British Summer – a multisport festival targeted specifically at duathletes.

The route was ridden for us by DB Max's Will Whitmore and the bike route information is split into three sections to cover both the sprint and the long course bike legs.

FRF Mazda Gower Duathlon Course

Prostate UK Gower Srint Duathlon Course

Section One (All)

The bike leg starts as you leave transition in the beautiful Rhossili village and head out onto the only exit road (B4247), leaving Worm's Head and Rhossili Bay behind you for now. A fast and undulating start to the course which is pretty much straight until the 2.7-mile (4.2k) mark where you meet your first left hand bend.

There's a right hand bend at the 3-mile mark and then it's straight and fast until the T-Junction near Port Eynon.

Left at 2.7miles T-junction near Port Eynon

Turn left and join the A4118 towards Swansea. Fast and flat road here with right hand bends at 4.2 miles and 4.6 miles. Follow the A4118 until the 5.5 mile point before taking the right turn towards Reynoldston.

towards Swansea Right towards Reynoldston

Time to climb now! This narrower road takes you over a cattle grid at 5.9 miles and through the village of Reynoldston, bearing right as you climb up towards Cefn Bryn.

At 6.3 miles the sprint and long course divide. The sprint competitors turn right with their climb complete, whilst the long course duathletes head on up to the summit and the highest point in the Gower.

Straight on here before the Sprint and Long courses divide Turn right for the Sprint course, but keep on climbing for the Long

Section Two (Long Course)

On reaching the brow of the hill at 7.2 miles, suck in the air, take in the view and anticipate the 1.4 miles of descent you now have ahead of you. A long, fast road with grassland either side and the whole road visible for miles ahead at various points on this downhill section.

Great views

At 8.6 miles it's a left turn at the T-Junction (note the sheep and wild horses), over the cattle grid at 8.85 miles and just keep on pedalling until you see the Esso garage on your right hand side and the estuary ahead in the distance as you approach a T-Junction (9.75 miles).

wild horses and sheep!

Take the left turn signposted Llangennith (those running the ‘Monster’ on the Sunday will have cause to remember that name) then follow the road ahead. Bear left at the 10.5 mile point towards Burry Green (pictured).

Left towards Llangennith
towards Burry Green

Look out for the right hand bend at 11.6 miles which marks the start of a downhill section with a left hand bend shortly after and a right hand bend at the bottom.

Keep right at the bottom of the descent (pictured) and head up through the woods for half a mile.

Take the right turn towards Burry at 12.4 miles (pictured) and head down towards the woods.

At the 12.7 mile point take the left turn towards Fairy Hill (pictured).

right hand bend keep right
towards Burry towards Fairy Hill

Head down to the T-Junction and take the right turn towards Reynoldston.

towards Reynoldston

Enjoy the views if you can as you cycle across the moor land with a bit of a climb up to the cattle grid (13.2 miles) and then an undulating route which takes you back to the point where the Sprint Course riders split off earlier.

At the 14.1 mile point just after a small village it’s a left turn at the T-Junction and then an almost immediate right turn.

Great views T-junction, then right

Section Three (All)

The right turn is signposted Port Eynon (pictured) with a fairly fast, gentle downhill to follow which takes you over a cattle grid just before the T-Junction and the ‘foot down’ right turn (15 miles Long, 11.4k Sprint).

right turn, Port Eynon

Turn right (signposted Knelston) and join the A4118 which will take you all the way back to the point where you joined it earlier – 2.5 miles of hard and fast cycling!

Foot  down, right turn T-Junction

After left hand bends at the 16.6 mile (14k sprint) and 17 mile point (14.6k sprint), turn right at the 17.5 mile point (15.4k sprint), back onto the B4247 towards Rhossili (pictured).

You’ll recognise this fast and winding road with a right hand bend at 18.5 miles (17k sprint) and then a left hand one at 19.9 miles (19.3k sprint) before a fairly long downhill section.

Towards Rhosilli Stunning views

A slight climb back to the village of Rhossili, with a left hand turn as you enter the village and head back down to transition.

Take care on this final approach on the village road, but prepare yourself for your dismount and then the stunning views on your final run towards Worms Head and the cliffs of Fall Bay and Mewslade. 21 miles done for the long course duathletes or 21k for the sprint!

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