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Wed 20th Feb 2019
One week on
Posted by: Steve Trew
Posted on: Tuesday 20th January 2009

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So one week down the line from nearly being wiped off the slate, and what has happened?

Nothing, nothing really, and it's been brilliant. All that stuff about, "you don't know what you've got til it's gone" (big cliché, that one). Well clichés tend to be clichés because they're pretty much true.

And bothered….. me, bothered!? Not a chance; negatives into positives.

Kids messing about, no worries, I'll talk to them nicely.
Day running a bit late, so what, the world's gonna stop?
Caught in a traffic jam? Enjoy the radio.
Hurting a bit in swimming on the tenth rep? Thank you nicely, that'll do for me. Enjoy the pain.

Like we said guys, "Carpe diem, carpe diem."

Enjoy your life.

Steve Trew About the Author

Steve Trew has decided that it is OK to play the “IF” game in one particular area; that of age. However, everyone knows that triathletes are like good wine; the older the better. Steve can be reached for coaching and for training camps on He is still taking his chances, still coaching, still writing and still commentating. We think it’s about time he got a real job.

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