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Wed 29th Jun 2022
A lucky escape...
Posted by: Steve Trew
Posted on: Thursday 15th January 2009

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Whilst heading to a training camp at Stoke Mandeville hospital last weekend I had a fairly major car crash, thankfully I've lived to tell the tale so I wanted to write a few thank yous and just remind myself of how lucky I am to be here.

Firstly, my extreme thanks to Dan for stepping in and taking over. Similarly, my extreme thanks to the others; Esther, Ruth, Scott and I'm sure many more who also helped. As you will all understand I was unavoidably detained and delayed...

Around one mile only, maybe less from the end of the A41 - so probably just five minutes away - I hit some (I think) black ice, and that was it. The car (my lovely jag, retail value around £1500 - maybe less! (Value to me, around ten times that) started surfing, I lost control and thought I was going to die. Truly, I did.

So, I hit the central reservation barriers, started spinning round, not sure how many times, I think three. The car ended up still moving at some speed, but with the front end facing the correct way, and I managed to pull/steer/aim it to the side of the road. Air-bags exploded of course, funny old smell from them (at least, I think it was from them), and there I was, alive!

Did a body check, and you know what, God was smiling. No breaks, no cuts, not even any bruises - a couple of sore spots this morning, but truly barely anything.

Lots of things happened then - ambulance, police, RAC. Boy, was I lucky! The ambulance man checked me out, all OK. Police did a breath-test of course, total zero (and you would have thought with what I MUST have accumulated over the years...!).

The RAC man got there early, winched the car up on the truck and took me home. The insurance company was pretty good too and couldn't have been more helpful or understanding, I see the assessor later today or tomorrow, sigh...

RAC phoned me again, just to ask if I was OK! Can you believe that? What excellent PR. Anything they could do, legal advice, help, accident report etc.

For a situation, which was, how shall I put this, not entirely pleasant I suppose, I could not have been luckier or been better treated.

So there you are guys, lucky me. And the moral, dunno if there is a moral; maybe "carpe diem", what is it? "Live each day as if it could be your last, plan each tomorrow as if you'll live forever". Something like that, anyway...

Steve Trew About the Author

Steve Trew has decided that it is OK to play the “IF” game in one particular area; that of age. However, everyone knows that triathletes are like good wine; the older the better. Steve can be reached for coaching and for training camps on [email protected] He is still taking his chances, still coaching, still writing and still commentating. We think it’s about time he got a real job.

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