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Tue 23rd Apr 2019
Run: training plans, technique and advice - start here!
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 17th October 2008

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Over the last couple of years we have added a number of running articles and training plans to the site - so many in fact, we realise they can be difficult to find!

In order to help you find what you are looking for, here is a definitive list of run-specific training and/or technique articles that may assist you in meeting your training goals.

Triathlon running

Triathlon running has one very specific difference to 'regular' running - we're usually tired before we even start... It's important to run fast, but it's also important to train the ability to run off the bike.

Article Author Description
Gatorade Video Tips - running for triathlon Jack Maitland Part of the Gatorade video tips series, this film covers the basics of running off the bike in a triathlon, and how to optimise your running during triathlon events.
Running off the bike Bill Black Bill Black explains the concept of specificity and how you can improve your triathlon running performances.
Bricks build better duathlons Mike Trees Former National Duathlon Champion, Mike Trees, explains 'bricks', and how to include them in your training to optimise your duathlon performances.
Running for triathlon part two Mike Trees Ok, so you've got the basics done, but how do you get the most out of your limited training time?
Running for triathlon part one Mike Trees You've just started triathlon... so how do you fit quality running sessions in, with swimming cycling and life? Mike Trees highlights the best use of your time.

10km specific advice

10km is possibly the most popular and easily accessible running distance for many, as well as being the distance run in a standard distance triathlon. There are hundreds of events all over the country, year round, which give you the opportunity to test yourself at this distance. We have a number of articles specifically designed to help you meet your 10km racing goals:

Article Author Description
How to break 40 minutes for 10km Mike Trees For many age group athletes, 40min is a realistic yet challenging barrier. Mike lays out a 12-week plan to show you how it can be done.
Beginner's 10km programme Mike Trees As it says on the tin - Mike explains how to build a training programme to take on a 10km race.
Improve your 10k Mike Trees How can a time-limited athlete improve their 10km race speed on limited training? Mike shows you how to make the best use of your time.

Running technique and drills

We take it for granted in swimming that technique is important, yet in running most of us 'just run'. With a little bit of thought and application, however, technique and drills can help your running too.

Article Author Description
Hop, sprint and sleep to go faster Mike Trees Can hopping and rest really help me run faster - you bet!
Running technique John Brewer What is good running technique?

General running training

Article Author Description
Run naked Mike Trees No, not literally run naked! Heart rate monitors are useful, but Mike suggests that sometimes you should just listen to your body for a change.
Done in an hour James Beckinsale Only got an hour to squeeze a run in? You can still make fantastic use of that time and target technique, aerobic capacity and lactate tolerance. James shows you how

We'll be updating this area with new links as articles are added to the site, so check back to find out more of the latest running training plans and advice.

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