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Wed 29th Jun 2022
“And the results of the Olympic triathlon, 2008 in first place...
Posted by: Steve Trew
Posted on: Wednesday 13th August 2008

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The legendary Olympic coach, commentator and story teller Steve Trew, always has had a colourful, imaginative and positive outlook on life and sport. So, the people that know him well, may not be surprised by how he sees the Olympic triathlon unfolding. Perhaps his predicition may need a slightly imaginative and fantastical mind to believe it, but, who knows, sometimes dreams do come true!

Vanessa Fernandes led a big fast bike group from the water that included both Helen Tucker and Hollie Avil. Emma Snowsill was in the second pack chasing hard and although she couldn’t connect with the lead group the distance was only 30 seconds at T2. Vanessa led out hard on the run and gradually dropped everyone including Hollie and Helen who were the last to go. At 5km, Emma caught Vanessa and despite both of them putting in surge after surge, neither would let go.

The pace dropped a little and as they ran between buildings, it was obvious that something had been arranged between them as with just 1km to go, they joined hands and lifted them high. They then ran stride for stride towards the finish line. Behind them, Hollie and Helen had outdistanced everyone and were gradually (and silently), catching the two leaders! At just 200m out, Emma sensed something was happening and looked behind. She immediately saw the two Brits and turned to tell Vanessa who also turned. The two of them clashed heads and as they stumbled their feet became intertwined and they fell to the ground. Helen along with Hollie sprinted desperately for the line and despite both Brits putting absolutely total effort in, neither could get away from the other and they crossed the line to a tied Gold Olympic medal. Behind them, Vanessa and Emma picked themselves up, laughed, and jogged in for a tied bronze.

Results for the women’s Olympic Triathlon

Joint 1st for the gold medal - Hollie Avil, Helen Tucker (GBR) Joint 3rd for the bronze medal - Emma Snowshill (AUS), Vanessa Fernandes (POR)

Almost the entire field in the mens event came out of the water together and despite spirited attempts at breakaways (notably Alistair Brownlee), no-one was able to get away on the bike. The run set off at sub three minute pace per kilometre, 3km was passed in 8.42 and 20 were together including all the Brits, Gomez (ESP), Docherty (NZ) and Whitfield (CAN). Tim Don then injected even more pace and took all the favourites past 5km in 14.21.

At this point Whitfield put his head down and went for it; only Docherty and Gomez along with the three Brits were able to cover and the 6th kilometre went past in 2.42. Docherty and Gomez dropped off the pace and it was the 2000 Olympic champion along with the Brits. Alistair Brownlee started laughing here and he accelerated again to a 2.35; everyone covered the break and it continued at this amazing speed with all four together entering the final straight of 400m, at this point a torrential downpour started and washed all the runners off of their feet and the race had to be stopped. The judges awarded a joint four Gold medals to our boys and Simon Whitfield.

Results for the men’s Olympic Triathlon

Joint first for the gold medal - Tim Don, Alistair Brownlee, Will Clarke (GBR), Simon Whitfield (CAN))

This is a true story!

Steve Trew About the Author

Steve Trew has decided that it is OK to play the “IF” game in one particular area; that of age. However, everyone knows that triathletes are like good wine; the older the better. Steve can be reached for coaching and for training camps on [email protected] He is still taking his chances, still coaching, still writing and still commentating. We think it’s about time he got a real job.

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