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Tue 19th Feb 2019
Travel facts for Friday
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 20th June 2008

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If somebody offers you their hand in Sweden it will generally be not be expecting a tip but is a friendly greeting At hotels it is down to the individual and not an expected part of the visit to be tipping staff all the time. For great service you can decide.

At restaurants a small service charge will generally be added to your bill for lunches but in the evenings, as with the rest of the world, a suitable tip can happily be left for staff. In bars you may leave a small amount but at waited tables you may have a modest service charge added automatically.

Taxi drivers should be given a few extra kronor in relation to the cost of the journey. Generally rounding up the cost and a little extra.

The national anthem

The text of the national anthem, 'Du gamla, Du fria' was written by folklorist and ballad writer Richard Dybeck (1811–77) and set to a folk melody from the province of Västmanland in the middle of the 19th century. Around 1900 it started to be sung more frequently, and in course of time it has come to be regarded as the Swedish national anthem.

Thou ancient, thou freeborn, thou mountainous North,
In beauty and peace our hearts beguiling,
I greet thee, thou loveliest land on the earth,
Thy sun, thy skies, thy verdant meadows smiling.
Thy sun, thy skies, thy verdant meadows smiling.
Thy throne rests on mem’ries from great days of yore,
When worldwide renown was valour’s guerdon.
I know to thy name thou art true as before.
Oh, I would live and I would die in Sweden,
Oh, I would live and I would die in Sweden.

We hope that you have enjoyed our Swedish week and will feel inspired to take part in the Stockholm Triathlon in August.

Today's language tips

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8 åtta 8th åttonde
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