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Tue 19th Mar 2019
Instant interview: Mark McKay
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 25th January 2008

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Welcome to our new Friday lunchtime feature: the Instant Interview. A little something lighthearted to make the work week end just that little bit quicker.

Triathlon isn't just about the triathletes. There's a whole army of people in the background from volunteers, organisers, officials, shop owners, facility managers and the whole sports infrastructure as well. We thought it would be fun to mix them in with famous, and some not so famous, athletes and get them to answer our 21 Question Instant Interview.

This week's instant interviewee is Mark McKay. Mark started out as a pro-cyclist and then decided to try his hand at duathlon, his most impressive result was a bronze medal at the World Long Course Duathlon Championships in 2005. He is now based in Perpignan, France where he runs triathlon and duathlon training camps. Mark is a regular contributor to Tri247.


Mark McKay

Do you have a nickname?

Too personal (only for use by my wife)

What’s your favourite/most enjoyable race?

The Ras – Irish cycling stage race

What race/goal/personal achievement would you most like to win/attain?

To keep helping develop young athletes

What achievement would you most like to be remembered for?

Winning the Star Trophy

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Winning the National Duathlon title in an unflattering Tri-England two-piece

Are you a member of any club?

Font Romeu Cyclosportive club

What’s your favourite racing distance?

Stage racing over several days

Who is your sporting or cultural inspiration?

Professional cycle racing in the 1980s

Within the sport, who would you most like to meet?

An ITU panel to discuss extending the bike section at Olympic distance

What book/magazine/comic are you reading at the moment?

Agincourt – a history

What’s currently playing most on your stereo/radio/iPod?

My wife’s selection as she always gets to choose

What is your favourite training session?

Long and steady over plenty of mountains

What is your favourite food or drink?

Fish & chips and Whisky

What’s your favourite animal?

Max – my dog

Tyres or tubulars?

Tubs for racing

Tattoos or transfers?

Tasteful tattoos

Shave or wax?

Shave for him, wax for her

Trisuit or two-piece?

See above – guess!

Talc or Vaseline?

Does not apply as I can’t swim

Shades or hat?


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