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Sat 24th Sep 2022
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World Junior's: Bronze for Ben Dijkstra
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Friday 16th September 2016

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Bronze for Ben Dijkstra as Austin Hindman (USA) earns World Junior Triathlon Championship

Alex Yee fifth and Sam Dickinson eighth - the future truly is bright for British Triathlon

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The British Men put on a great show today in Cozumel at the ITU World Junior Triathlon Championships to fill three of the top eight positions.

Junior World Champs 2016

The opening 750m swim did little to separate the field, the vast majority of whom exited in a long line over about 45 seconds.

Junior World Champs 2016

Towards the tail end of the line, Sam Dickinson would safely be a key and active part of the front group on the bike, but uber-runner and World Junior Duathlon Champion, Alex Yee didn't and would lose time through the ride in the second pack.

Junior World Champs 2016

That would prove costly. While Ben and Sam would be in the top five staring the 5km run, Alex was in 36th position and 1:20 down. Way out of contention. No chance of recovery. Podium opportunity gone. All true... unless you can run like Alex Yee does. This sums it up:

Austin Hudman (USA) passed Charles Pacquet (CAN) on the second run lap to take Gold, while Dijkstra was strong throughout to take Bronze. Yee gained 31 places in the short time it took him to set, by far, the fastest run of the day. He broke 15 mnutes. Only race winner Hindman got under 16 minutes.

It is, absolutely, a triathlon and not a running race... but you just cannot hide the potential that Alex Yee has over the coming years. He still has another year in the Junior ranks. For those close to the sport, this is not new news or in any way unexpected. To the wider world, perhaps, this is well and truly "cover blown".

The best thing about this from a British perspective? Alex only just made the British team - he beat Jack Willis by three seconds at Tri Liverpool. Without that, he wouldn't even have been here.

A worthy winner though in Austin Hindman. Just six seconds off of the leader out of the water, a strong bike followed by the second fastest run and a healthy ten seconds winning margin.

Junior World Champs 2016

2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final - Junior Men
750m / 20km 5km

1st - Austin Hindman (USA) - 54:02
2nd - Charles Paquet (CAN) - 54:12
3rd - Ben Dijkstra (GBR) - 54:20
4th - Daniel Hoy (NZL) - 54:24
5th - Alex Yee (GBR) - 54:24

8th - Sam Dickinson (GBR) - 54:38

Junior World Champs 2016

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