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Tue 23rd Jul 2019
Lucho Dillitos Bocadillo
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 6th September 2016

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Function: Energy Gel/Bar

Nutrition is arguably as important as your training and finding something new to try out in the sea of gels and bars is almost an everyday occurrence with better and more technical products hitting the market. Lucho Dillitos are a little bit different but are they worth a look?

Lucho Dillitos (Raspberry) Features:

  • 75% Guava, 15% Sugar, Raspberry 10%
  • Raspberry Bocadillo 120kcal per block
  • Carbs 29.6g of which sugars 29.6g
  • Protein 0.2g
  • Salt 7.2mg
  • Vitamin A 18mg, Vitamin C 25mg, Calcium 40mg, Iron 0.9mg

Lucho Dillito says:

Lucho Dillitos bocadillo are the natural, tasty alternative to modern sports nutrition!

Bocadillo are Colombia’s original energy bar. For generations Colombian cyclists have been adding 1 or 2 bocadillo into their jersey pockets before they go for a ride. Now, thanks to Lucho Dillitos, you too can experience the great taste of this natural energy source.

A Bar and Gel rolled into one, bocadillos are solid blocks of delicious guava paste that are dry to the touch but melt in your mouth. Made from only 2 natural ingredients there are no added flavourings, additives, or preservatives. Even the individual wrappers are natural, a dried leaf!

What we say:

Yes they come in a dried leaf! It is quite a unique unboxing experience as each individual cube of energy comes neatly wrapped in a planet friendly biodegradable leaf. What a great idea and the solution race and sportive organisers must have been looking for. No more scenic routes blighted by gel wrappers dropped accidentally or otherwise in the heat of battle. Please note, it is best not to discard them as passers-by will most likely not realise they are eco friendly and assume you are littering but if you do drop a wrapper, hey, it’s plant food!

Lucho Dillitos

Apparently the leaf wrapped bocadillo is a long standing staple of Columbian cycling so we can assume that they do work.

So after the intrigue of the leaf and the cycling history roots are they any good?

Well, they took this tester on a trip down memory lane to my childhood and rose tinted images of grandparents toting fruit jellies, not the soft ones I seem to see these days but ones of a firmer texture, bought from glass jars and offered round in paper bags. Halcyon days!

The cubes have a firm texture that is very satisfying to chew and dissolves rapidly after a few chews. As they say, the bocadillos are a mix of bar and gel and this is probably the best description. The outside is finely crystallised for a delicate crispy outer surface, the gel has a slight give and then it melts away in the mouth, chew and gel craving satisfied.

Presently there are three taste options, classic, coffee and raspberry and all are equally tasty, my preference being raspberry but in truth, they are all great. The coffee variety contains caffeine from coffee, the raspberry contains raspberry, and not flavouring, real raspberry. I must remember these are not sweets! They are a tried and tested Columbian energy supply!

They are especially good if you are heading out and you might not have eaten anything recently, the chew will stave off those hunger pangs for a good while.

The main ingredient of a bocadillo is guava. Considered by many a super-fruit and with vitamins and minerals as well as being a great natural source of energy.

Out in the field the leafy wrapper protects the cube adequately and the outer surface of the bocadillos is not sticky and finger friendly.

These little chewy, gel-bars energy cells will keep your inner bunny energised before and during your exercise, be it running cycling or whatever. They are a great addition to the nutrition market. Check them out and give them a try.

Find out more at the Lucho Dillitos Website here

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