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Fri 19th Aug 2022
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Mola wins, Murray DQ'd at WTS Hamburg
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Saturday 16th July 2016

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Fourth World Triathlon Series win of 2016 for Mario Mola in Hamburg

Mario Mola cruises to victory while Richard Murray is DQ'd for 'unsportsmanlike conduct' after finishing second.

750m swim makes little difference, 20km bike on flat (and then later wet), roads makes similarly little impact and then Mola and Murray disappear up the road for Gold and Silver on the run? Sounds standard and predictable, right? (Well, that's what I entered in my ITU Trifeca predictions - and what we said in the weekend preview).

And, that's sort of what happened... until we find out mid-race that Richard Murray had seemingly
a) placed his wetsuit/hat/goggles in a box as required, but...
b) he had placed it in the WRONG box.

Oops. 10-second penalty to be applied. That's the rules, anyone questioning it, well, you are entitled to your opinion... even if it's wrong!

Murray has a storming T2, Mola not far behind and they vanish up the road and out of sight on the 5km run. We thought Murray was putting on the pace in order to gain the time required for the penalty, which was more than achieved, running side-by-side with fellow Joel Filliol coached Mola. But, post-race inerview with Mola suggests that was not the case and during the run Mario passed on the news... Murray takes the penatly in sight of the line, no worries about being caught from behind but then loses it somewhat, screaming "what for?" at the official in the penatly box before continuing the displeasure with the news down the finish straight. Not pleasant, not great viewing - and subsequently resulting in a disqualification. Harsh, but fair.

The action was for 3rd/4th (which then turned into 2nd/3rd). Jacob Birtwhistle was thrilled to take his first WTS podium for the Bronze, eased up and celebrated...and then looked left to see Fernando Alarza dive for the line at almost exactly the same time. Oh dear, had he screwed up big time? The photo finish showed, thankfully for the young Aussie, that he had just got the verdict - which was then upgraded to Silver given the news on Richard Murray.

Lots of lessons learned - one of which is that, DQ aside, Richard Murray is back and a serious contender for Rio after his early season broken collarbone.

Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon - Saturday 16th July 2016
750m / 20km / 5km

1st - Mario Mola (ESP) - 52:19
2nd - Jacob Birtwhistle (RSA) - 52:36
3rd - Fernando Alarza (ESP) - 52:36
4th - Joao Pereira (POR) - 52:42
5th - Ryan Bailie (AUS) - 52:45
6th - Marten van Riel (BEL) - 52:48
7th - Tyler Mislawchuk (CAN) - 52:51
8th - Andreas Schilling (DEN) - 52:57
9th - Rostislav Pevtsov (AZE) - 52:58
10th - Jonathan Zipf (GER) - 52:59

21st - Adam Bowden (GBR) - 53:28
49th - Thomas Bishop (GBR) - 54:49
DQ - Richard Murray (RSA) - 

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