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Wed 20th Mar 2019
Suunto's next generation GPS watch
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 22nd June 2016

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Suunto launch next generation multisport watch

The innovative Finnish sports technology brand Suunto ( recently announced their latest multisport GPS watch, the Suunto Spartan Ultra - along with a renewal of their online platform, Suunto Movescount (

With further details of the product to follow next month and then availability in August, here are the full details from Suunto of what you can look forward to if you are considering your next GPS watch purchase.

Suunto introduces its next generation multisport solution with a new family of GPS watches and a renewed Suunto

The long-awaited next generation of Suunto multisport watches is soon here. Today, Suunto introduces Suunto Spartan Ultra, a premium multisport GPS watch for athletes and adventurers. At the same time, Suunto is renewing its online sports service Suunto Movescount with a range of new features and improvements.

People have been asking about what’s next after Ambit3 for quite some time now,” notes Sami Arhomaa, Performance business unit director at Suunto. “So it’s a great pleasure to announce our next generation Suunto Spartan solution for athletic and adventure multisport.” The solution comprises of the Suunto Spartan Ultra watches, a renewed Suunto Movescount service and mobile applications for both iPhone and Android.

“In a fast-paced world with an overwhelming flood of information, athletes need better tools to determine how to efficiently achieve their goals,” explains Arhomaa. “People who are driven by the passion to progress want to know if they are doing things right. More and more people are reaching out to communities of like-minded people for guidance and inspiration. With the Spartan solution, we are building on the insights we’ve gained through our constant dialogue with athletes and coaches around the world. The new Suunto Spartan multisport solution will offer customers new community powered tools to progress. We are convinced these tools will help them progress beyond their expectations.”

Suunto Spartan Ultra – the GPS watch for athletic and adventure multisport

Adventure proof

Suunto Spartan Ultra watches are hand-made in Finland and built to last in any conditions. Water resistant to 100 meters, the watches sport an extremely durable color touch screen with a wide viewing angle and great visibility in bright sunlight. The watch is built with a glass fiber reinforced polyamide casing, sapphire crystal glass and a grade5 titanium or stainless steel bezel. For your multisport adventures, Suunto Spartan Ultra offers guided route navigation, barometric altitude with FusedAlti™, a digital compass, as well as a competitive battery life.

Sports expertise and insights

The Suunto Spartan Ultra is a true multisport watch. With GPS, FusedSpeedTM, heart rate measurement and in-built accelerometer, it accurately tracks your training and provides versatile insights on your progress for a multitude of sports. It offers dozens of preset sport modes, e.g. for triathlon, swimming, cycling, running, adventure racing, and snow sports - including modes for specific types of training, racing and activities. If you are a runner, for example, you can choose a basic running mode that offers the essential information for running, or an interval running mode, a trail running mode, and more. The Suunto Spartan Ultra also provides you visual overviews on your training load, rest&recovery status and your progress to help you plan your training. With the watch you can also track your feeling after each workout.

In addition, Suunto Spartan Ultra monitors your overall activity 24/7 with daily and weekly steps, calories and active time. Pair the watch with Suunto Movescount App to get smart mobile notifications. The watch will also keep you up to date on your personal bests by sport.

Community powered progress

In connection with the launch of the Spartan solution, Suunto deploys big data methods for turning the community generated sports data into valuable training insights. Suunto has been analyzing tens of millions of endurance sport sessions to provide both existing and new consumers with answers to the questions like where should you train and how are you progressing. The first tool utilizing this data are sports-specific heatmaps, available from today in Suunto Movescount. Later, the toolset using the data will grow with tools for peer group comparison and insights.

Suunto Spartan Ultra

The Suunto Spartan Ultra collection includes four models: Suunto Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium, Suunto Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium, Suunto Spartan Ultra White and Suunto Spartan Ultra Black – each available with or without Suunto Smart Sensor for heart rate monitoring. The RRP price of the Suunto Spartan Ultra Titanium will be £585 and Suunto Spartan Ultra £545. Prices with a HR sensor are £40 higher.

Further details of the product will be released in July 2016. The watches become available in August, and the solution will continue to grow in functionality via SW, service and application updates during the remaining year.

Read more about the Suunto Spartan Ultra at

Suunto renewal brings community powered progress

Starting from today, Suunto is launching a major renewal of its online sports service Suunto The key benefit brought in the first phase of the upgrade are sports-specific heatmaps based on millions of user generated moves, allowing anyone to benefit from the power of the Suunto community to find the best places to train and new areas to explore.

Suunto Movescount is an essential piece of the Suunto offering. The service has today over 100 million Moves and counting. We want to give back to the community by introducing new community powered tools. In addition to the heatmaps launched today, we’ll bring further improvements and other tools during this year,” says Janne Kallio, performance business digital lead at Suunto. ”We have worked quite intensively together with our customers on this project, and we would like to thank everyone who participated. Their knowledge and feedback have helped us to create what’s going live today.”

Discovering new routes made easy with heatmaps

If you train for a specific goal, you want to find the best places and routes for your workouts to optimize your training - whether you want to find the most popular places or avoid the crowds. You also want to keep up with your training during holidays and business travel. When you are training in an unfamiliar location, it helps to know where the locals go. The new sport-specific heatmaps in Suunto Movescount show you great tracks to use.

Heatmaps are available for anyone, without even signing in to Just choose your preferred area on the map, select a sport and zoom in to the most popular tracks for trail running, cycling, open-water swimming, skiing and more. The variety of heatmaps for different sports will keep growing. Based on the heatmaps, you can plan your own routes in and transfer them to your Suunto GPS watch to get navigation guidance. Heatmaps will become available also in the Suunto Movescount App (iPhone and Android) later in June 2016.

A heatmap from London, revealing popular running spots:

Suunto heatmap

New, simplified user experience and Training Insights

The service renewal introduces a new, simplified yet enriched user interface with a responsive design optimized for mobile experience – allowing full use of the Suunto with any mobile device. Enjoy clear infographics, prominent visuals and your own activity feed to collect all your important content in one place. The activity colors have been refined based on customer feedback, making it much easier to separate your various workouts from each other.

Additionally, Suunto introduces a new way to look at your Moves through Training Insights. Use these rich and informative visualizations of, for example, your training load and your feeling trend to see if you are recovering adequately. The new insights help ensure you’ve got the right steps in place to progress towards your goals. Additional Training Insights will be added later this year.

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