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Tue 16th Aug 2022
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Future is bright: GB's Junior Men
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Monday 20th June 2016

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The future really is looking bright - Samuel Dickson wins Kitzbuhel ETU Junior European Cup... but he's not the only talented young Brit around

Whisper it quietly... but, "What happens if/when the Brownlee brothers stop? Who is going to take on that mantle?"

That's a question that has, and will continue to be asked, in relation to British men's racing on the ITU circuit and future medal potential at European, World and Olympic level. Of course, in many ways it is an unfair comparison. Such has been the extent of their results since 2009 that, with the sole exception of five-time World Champion Javier Gomez, nobody - from ANY country - has come even remotely close to matching their performances in both consistency and longevity terms. If the only measure of success is 'you need to be as good as the Brownlee brothers', that is a very, very high bar to set.

Aliatair Brownlee is, arguably, the greatetst triathlete ever. And even if (like me), you think that 'greatest' assessments might be best left until the end of his career, I'm pretty certain of one thing right now - Alistair Brownlee, when fully fit, is without question the fastest triathlete we have ever seen. To this point, Alistair Brownlee on his very best day is unbeatable against any other triathlete from any era that I have ever seen, over the draft-legal ITU format.

It's also a fair question and point of discussion too, given that in both 2012 and 2016 our third British Olympic Games Team member was chosen for their abilities to 'pilot' the brothers, rather than for their own medal winning potential.

Sam Dickinson, Alex Yee and Ben Dijkstra

A long introduction perhaps, but the British Junior Men really do seem to be performing well and have great strength-in-depth, racing each other strongly and - who knows - along the line perhaps one (or more) of them will rise towards the heights of those that inspire them right now.

On Sunday, Samuel Dickinson (recently Silver medallist in the European Junior Championships) took the win in Austria at a very competitive ETU Triathlon European Junior Cup which was held over a revised format following the cancellation of the proposed ITU World Cup at the same venue.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Alex Yee won the ITU World Junior Duathlon Championships in Aviles, Spain - the title that was won last year by Ben Dijkstra. There are others looking to match and exceed the results of this trio too.

Speedy runners? Well, Alex ran 13:55.29 for 5000m on the track last week - what does that 'mean'? Well, this should summarise that potential quite nicely and succcinctly:

The best thing in my eyes? All are racing regularly, sometimes winning, sometimes getting their butts kicked too... but all are learning, continuing to develop and building the skills and strengths which may lead them to senior success. I can also say from first hand experience of speaking to them, all are very level-headed young men with their feet firmly on the ground. Talent, hard work and the right attitude? That's a great base from which to build.

Keep up the good work and lets see where it takes you.

ETU Triathlon European Junior Cup, Kitbuhel - Sunday 19th June 2016


1st - Samuel Dickinson (GBR) - 23:01
2nd - Seth Rider (USA) - 23:01
3rd - Oliver Blecher (CAN) - 21:08

4th - Jack Willis (GBR) - 23:09
12th - Ben Dijkstra (GBR) - 23:27
13th - Cameron Harris (GBR) - 23:27
17th - Will Crudgington (GBR) - 23:35
25th - Jake Callis (GBR) - 24:05
30th - Archie Molesworth St Aubyn (GBR) 25:25


1st - Taylor Knibb (USA) - 25:11
2nd - Audrey Ernst (USA) - 25:57
3rd - Therese Feuresinger (AUT) - 26:02

5th - Elisabeth Hood (GBR) - 26:08
6th - Julie Nimmo (GBR) - 26:10
17th - Bronwen Owen (GBR) - 26:53

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