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Tue 7th Dec 2021
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Lucy talks: 70.3 Staffordshire win
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Thursday 16th June 2016

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Lucy Gossage reflects on a second win at IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire

"I'm proud of how I got up and raced for win..."

Following a busy weekend of racing in the UK and around the world, I called up IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire winner Lucy Gossage ( to get the inside track on her win on Sunday at Shugborough Hall.

Congratulations on another win Lucy, it sounds from what I've seen and read that it wasn't a straightforward race for you?

"I was really pleased to win after what was a pretty challenging race for me and it proved a good test of the psychology work I have been doing lately. It's an interesting situation because on paper, I should have won, but I had only been back running for two weeks and that meant I really had to race the run and run without fear. All of that really made it a much more rewarding experience."

I read about what sounded like an 'interesting' bike leg - what actually happened?

"My tribars dropped on the first speed-bump and so initially I was angry at myself for that because I had to stop. The first part of the bike course is quite tricky but having raced it last year, I knew I could ride aggressively during this part... but it turned out I did that a little too much! It was totally my fault, I just over-cooked a corner and came off!"

"I'm proud of how I got up and continued to race for the win though and didn't give up. I had to 'race' as well - Kim and Nikki are really strong, they are really on the up - there are just so many fast GB women around right now and that is exciting to see."

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You mentioned your recent return to running after injury - do you feel you are now over those issues and able to train?

"I think so. After Ironman South Africa I paid for a scan and he said that I needed to be in boot for six weeks and have an injection... but I did lots of research around it and decided that I wasn't confident in that approach. So, I took it really conservatively in getting back to running and fortunately have been able to use an Alter-G treadmill (thanks to Progress Physio in Cambridge). I'm convinced that the proposed approach wouldn't have been right, so I'm happy with my decision."

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What's next up, and plans for the rest of the year?

"I'm going to race Challenge Galway in a two weeks time, I figure make hay while the sun shines and get fit by racing. After that, I don't know. I want to do another Ironman before Kona, but I haven't decided where that might be yet."

You mentioned the impact of sports psychology - tell us a bit more about that?

"It's a friend of mine, Helen Davis ([email protected]). It's been so useful, I really wish I'd done it earlier! I really would have said previously that my head/mental strength was one of my best assets, but we have identified lots of things. I mean, I never give up, but I definitely only won because of my head and I raced the run, rather than perhaps settling for a lower position after the issue during the bike leg."

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You were also heading #TeamLucy at Staffordshire - how was that and the fund-raising aspect for the Teenage Cancer Trust?

"Yes, #TeamLucy were amazing! The Teenage Cancer Trust is such a great charity, they help young people not have to be on an adult cancer ward. Everything is addressed - it's not just about cancer / treatment, but how to get the life of a young person back on track, to meet other people in a similar situation to realise that they are not alone.

"We had ten athletes... though unfortunately one broke their wrist on the training day! Among those signed up I had two complete novices. One of those, Emma, her boyfriend had died of cancer and she absolutely loved the experience and now wants to do an Ironman [you can read more about Emma HERE]."


You can read Lucy's post-race blog HERE.

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