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Sat 24th Sep 2022
'Triathletes' win two Marathon Majors
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Monday 25th April 2016

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'Triathletes' win two Marathon Majors within six days as Fullen and Elms come close to British record

(And Mary Twitchett runs a huge negative split for third place in F55-59 too...).

Age would appear to be no barrier to excellence based on these inspiring results from the last seven days

I'm a fan of sport. While - deep inside - I'm a 'triathlete', I enjoy all of the aspects of multipsort in single discipline format too, which is why you'll always see us following events which aren't strictly swim/bike/run of the pages of Tri247. Based on your feedback, you want us to continue doing that too.

It would actually make my (working) life far simpler if I didn't, as it would mean I didn't end up working for 12 hours plus on London Marathon day every year! But, how can you ignore the London Marathon? I've run it myself five times, managed to 'nail' one of them (and suffered through several more), and supported, acted as a marshall or watched from a distance pretty much for as long as I can remember. It's truly one of the iconic sporting events this country hosts and a fantastic job the organisers do.

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As always (see link above), some fine performances from plenty of athletes that are closely linked to the tri/duathlon world. I'm sure we've missed a few too - do get in touch if there are more that should be on there.

A week ago today I wrote at length about the fantastic performance of Gill Fullen at the Boston Marathon. A 2:53:32 finish (Gill turns 52 in October), was just another stunning performance on an already bulging sporting C.V. For some perspective, the British Marathon record for the F50+ category is, I believe, 2:52:30.

And so, just six days later, Clare Elms (World Champion triathlete, 50-54 in 2013), almost matched Gill's time with a 2:53:52 to win the F50-54 category at the London Marathon. Clare will be 53 in December. Absolutely stunning performances from both - you can check out how their races matched up below.

Clare Elms (F50-54) - London Marathon, Sunday 24th April 2016 (Winner)

Split Time Last 5km
5km 0:19:52 0:19:52
10km 0:40:19 0:20:27
15km 1:00:51 0:20:32
20km 1:21:20 0:20:29
25km 1:41:31 0:20:11
30km 2:01:53 0:20:22
35km 2:22:42 0:20:49
40km 2:44:05 0:21:23
Finish 2:53:52 n/a
First Half 1:25:45 n/a
Second Half 1:28:07 n/a

Gill Fullen (F50-54) - Boston Marathon, Monday 18th April 2016 (Winner)

Split Time Last 5km
5km 0:19:50 0:19:50
10km 0:39:25 0:19:35
15km 0:59:18 0:19:53
20km 1:19:41 0:20:23
25km 1:39:55 0:20:14
30km 2:01:00 0:21:05
35km 2:22:36 0:21:36
40km 2:44:08 0:21:32
Finish 2:53:32 n/a
First Half 1:24:04 n/a
Second Half 1:29:28 n/a

There was also another 'triathlete' podium in London on Sunday. Mary Twitchett (Cambridge and Coleridge AC), recently won her category at the British Duathlon Championships (Windsor), and also holds Bronze (2011) and Silver (2012) medals from the ITU Age-Group Duathlon World Championships. Not only did she finish third in London on the 55-59 category with an impressive time of 3:11:16, she did so my showing huge control and running the second half marathon over three minutes faster than her opening half of 1:37:11.

Mary Twitchett (F55-59) - London Marathon, Sunday 24th April 2016 (Third)

Split Time Last 5km
5km 0:22:56 0:22:56
10km 0:46:09 0:23:13
15km 1:09:21 0:23:12
20km 1:32:14 0:22:53
25km 1:54:35 0:22:21
30km 2:17:01 0:22:26
35km 2:39:18 0:22:17
40km 3:01:35 0:22:17
Finish 3:11:16 n/a
First Half 1:37:11 n/a
Second Half 1:34:05 n/a

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