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Sat 2nd Jul 2022
Con Doherty ready for Neptune Steps
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 8th April 2016

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2012 World Junior Bronze medal winner all set for Red Bull Neptune Steps

Last year Red Bull produced “Obstacle Course Racing on a whole new level” (HERE), by mixing swimming and obstacles through 400 metres of Scotland’s Mary Hill Lock in the United Kingdom’s toughest and most innovative open water endurance test. Received to much fanfare last year, Red Bull have returned and this year sees elite athletes such as Mark Dean, Scottish Open Water Champion and Con Doherty, leading junior triathlete all line up to take on the challenge.

We caught up with Con Doherty, 24 hours before the event, and asked him just what attracted the triathlete to take one of the United Kingdom’s most innovative races:

PH: Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself as a triathlete?

CD: I am an ITU professional triathlete, sponsored and supported by Red Bull UK, racing draft-legal racing all over the world. My main goal for this season is the Under-23 ITU World Championships this year in Cozumel, Mexico in September 2016 where I am hoping to perform, in addition to some WTS racing which I think is the best in the world. However I am here today to take part in Red Bull’s Neptune Steps and I am looking to smash it.

PH: So can you tell us why a triathlete would be attracted to a course that offers a mixture of obstacles and swimming, in a short but sharp endurance event?

CD: The thing that drew me the most to this was, after a pretty heavy race schedule, this was a race to back off and enjoy. It is about having fun and cutting loose, do not get me wrong there is the competitive element (as there will be with most athletes tomorrow) but it provides a real chance to do something different, there is no pressure and there is a chance to have some fun.

This race is creative, innovative and is a chance for triathletes to take part in something special.

PH: What can a triathlete offer to this race in comparison with strong swimmers or even some strong obstacle course racers?

CD: The main strength that we have as triathletes is the swim, you have to be strong in your swim as a triathlete and this offers us the chance to show how good we are. Also we are blessed, although it can be a disadvantage on race day, of facing the unexpected with transition and handling the different disciplines of swim, bike and run.

This transfers perfectly into this race whereby the obstacles throw curveballs at you. We are used to mixing it up and adapting, be it going from the swim to the bike or the bike to the run, and we are not “locked” into always doing the same thing forever such as a road race. Triathlon is never monotone or simply repeating a process and because there is obstacles in this race that you can compare to T1 or T2, we have the ability to deal with the unexpected or being more aware of challenges.

This race is perfect for triahletes and gives us a real chance to show how good we can be.

Con Doherty takes on Neptune Steps tomorrow and his progress and bid to win the coveted title can be followed through RedBull’s dedicated social media page here:

Information on the event (and to enter next year) can be found here:

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