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Tue 16th Aug 2022
The new Boardman brand is launched
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Wednesday 18th November 2015

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Big changes as Boardman Bikes reveal 2016 range and company direction

The forthcoming Boardman Performance Centre promises the most accurate wind tunnel for cycling in the world. New technology, new materials, new branding and a new direction for the Boardman brand is announced.

Boardman Bikes (, the wheels of the Brownlee brothers throughout their professional careers, released their new 2016 range to the cycling and triathlon press in central London last week.

2015 was a significant year in the company's development, with the brand purchased by its long-term retail partner Halfords, something I discussed directly with Chris Boardman himself last year.

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Chris Boardman explained of the post-acquisition Boardman Bikes, "We wanted to still maintain the autonomy and values of the brand, but harnessing the new motivation and enthusiasm that the acquisition provided. That was great, Halfords then asked "what is your direction?"...and we were a bit lost! We tried to then define, where do we want to be? What are our values? What is important to Boardman Bikes."

Actually pinning the proverbial tail on the particular donkey proved harder than they expected, and when they did, it ended up with something of a different equine animal than they expected...

Undertaking that review with the Boardman staff led to some unexpected results - things like high tech / cutting edge / science and the like were actually much further down the list than expected, and after spending weeks trying to come up with a specific definition, the "journey being more important than the destination" rang true. "We want to produce bikes and services that we are proud of and wanted to use ourselves. We realised that everyone in the company rode bikes - and that lead us to the Out There With You strapline. We ride bikes, we want to make products we enjoy too."

Managing Director Andy Smallwood outlined a number of key developments for the new Boardman brand:

  • A completely new website from scratch. Retail plus information perspective. Multiple currencies.
  • Includes a custom bike configurator which allows 5202 possible versions - get it in the colours you want.
  • Pulled all social media elements together on the website
  • #ridetogether #outtherewithyou - we want to create a community around the bikes.
  • New Elite range of clothing
  • A more flexible website that allows us to be more daring / produce small product runs etc

You can read more from Andy HERE.

R&D is still a key element of the brand

  1. ASTAerodynamic Surface Trip technology. Have spent a year developing. It's a VERY precise thing Chris explained, and even being 'out' by half a millimetre can significantly impact the results. Can save 2% in drag, circa 6 watts, which is around 23 seconds over one hour of riding.
  2. Boardman Performance Centre. A working title, but a significant new investment for Boardman who claim it will be the most accurate wind tunnel for cycling in the world. The centre will include retail / laboratories / the Boardman HQ / R&D. It's the biggest project Boardman have ever done.

Aerodynamic Surface Trip


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