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Fri 19th Aug 2022
Gomez, Jorgensen dominate in The Bahamas
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Monday 9th November 2015

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The three day Island House Invitational Triathlon ( over the weeked, starting on Friday, provided an exotic backdrop on the island of Highbourne Cay in the Bahamas. With a $500,000 total prize purse and three different styles of racing it also provided significant interest to the ten invited athletes. Whatever the format, that didn't stop pre-race favourites and reigning ITU World Champions Javier Gomez (ESP) and Gwen Jorgensen (USA) from taking the top spots on the podium.

The three days of racing comprised:

  • Day One - 300m / 7km / 2km individual time trial prologue
  • Day Two - Draft-legal Olympic Distance 'Enduro': 3 * (500m / 13km / 3.3km)
  • Day Three - Non-drafting Sprint Distance (750m / 20km / 5km), with start time based on overall time deficit after stages one and two, such that first across the finish line is the overall winner.

The first two days saw the same top three athletes heading the men's and women's standing and, in the case of the men, in the same order with Javier Gomez (ESP), Richard Murray (RSA) and Tim Don (GBR) comprising the one/two/three. With Gwen Jorgensen also taking the win on both days, Lisa Norden and Flora Duffy traded second placed, with Flora's effort on the Olympic Enduro just giving her a 22 second marging over the Swedish Olympic Silver medal winner heading into the final leg.

Gomez and Jorgensen did more than enough on day three to take the overall titles by margins of 1:22 and 33 seconds respectively, while Norden's fastest time for the non-drafting Sprint distance meant that she was able to leapfrog XTERRA World Champion Duffy into second place overall. While Cameron Dye record the fastest Sprint time for the men, it wasn't quite enough to catch Don and make it onto the final podium.

Day One: 6th November - Individual TT Prologue

Pos Men Women
1st Javier Gomez 21:35 Gwen Jorgensen 23:52
2nd Richard Murray 22:00 Lisa Norden 23:58
3rd Tim Don 22:06 Flora Duffy 24:00
4th Cameron Dye 22:10 Alicia Kaye 24:18
5th Leon Griffen 22:31 Rachel Klamer 24:47
6th Ben Hoffman 22:37 Lauren Brandon 24:54
7th Trevor Wurtele 22:44 Mirinda Carfrae 24:59
8th Barrett Brandon 22:47 Heather Wurtele 25:08
9th Luke McKenzie 23:01 Rachel Joyce 25:28
10th Tim O'Donnell 23:02 Leanda Cave 25:34

Day Two: 7th November - Olympic Enduro

Pos Men Women
1st Javier Gomez 1:50:43 Gwen Jorgensen 2:01:30
2nd Richard Murray 1:51:17 Flora Duffy 2:02:02
3rd Tim Don 1:51:32 Lisa Norden 2:02:27
4th Leon Griffen 1:53:08 Alicia Kaye 2:03:44
5th Ben Hoffman 1:53:18 Rachel Klamer 2:03:44
6th Cameron Dye 1:54:09 Rachel Joyce 2:06:38
7th Luke McKenzie 1:55:46 Heather Wurtele 2:06:44
8th Trevor Wurtele 1:57:007 Mirinda Carfrae 2:07:23
9th Barrett Brandon 1:57:29 Leanda Cave 2:07:31
10th Tim O'Donnell 2:00:23 Lauren Brandon 2:07:36

Day Three: 8th November - Sprint Race (Actual times)

Pos Men Women
1st Cameron Dye 55:40 Lisa Norden 1:01:56
2nd Javier Gomez 56:02 Gwen Jorgensen 1:02:26
3rd Richard Murray 56:26 Flora Duffy 1:02:51
4th Leon Griffen 57:16 Rachel Klamer 1:03:14
5th Tim Don 57:34 Alicia Kaye 1:03:23
6th Luke McKenzie 58:10 Heather Wurtele 1:03:39
7th Ben Hoffman 58:17 Mirinda Carfrae 1:04:03
8th Trevor Wurtele 58:49 Lauren Brandon 1:04:12
9th Barret Brandon 59:13 Leanda Cave 1:05:24
10th Tim O'Donnell 1:00:47 Rachel Joyce 1:05:53

Overall Standings

Pos Men Women
1st Javier Gomez 3:08:21 Gwen Jorgensen 3:27:48
2nd Richard Murray 3:09:43 Lisa Norden 3:28:21
3rd Tim Don 3:11:13 Flora Duffy 3:28:54
4th Cameron Dye 3:11:59 Alicia Kaye 3:31:25
5th Leon Griffen 3:12:56 Rachel Klamer 3:31:45
6th Ben Hoffman 3:14:13 Heather Wurtele 3:35:31
7th Luke McKenzie 3:16:57 Mirinda Carfrae 3:36:25
8th Trevor Wurtele 3:181:40 Lauren Brandon 3:36:42
9th Barrett Brandon 3:19:29 Rachel Joyce 3:38:00
10th Tim O'Donnell 3:24:12 Leanda Cave 3:38:30

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