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Thu 27th Feb 2020
Eddie Brocklesby does it again
Posted by: JohnLevison
Posted on: Wednesday 2nd September 2015

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Eddie Brocklesby - breaking records again at 72

One of the benefits of being in Vichy, France this past weekend was that I got to watch and support the athletes taking part in Sunday's Ironman Vichy. Set in the "Queen of Spa Towns" with a run course on the shores of the Lac d'Allier, which also provided the swim course, it was a tough day for everyone with temperatures rising to around 35°c.

Those temperatures, along with a stiff breeze on the second loop of the bike course, were not enough to stop the incredible and inspirational Eddie Brocklesby.

In 2013, at 70 years of age, Eddie became the oldest British female to complete an Ironman when she finished Ironman Lanzarote in 16:43:39.

Earlier this year Eddie returned to Ironman Lanzarote at 72, a race which combined its already incredibly tough terrain with exceptionally hot temperatures, and this time around withdrew, along with many others, at 100km into the bike leg realising that she would not make the cut-off. Time for feet up and an easy life? No, Eddie then entered Ironman Vichy to make amends...

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie... Oi! Oi! Oi!

When I saw Eddie on the run course early on lap two, with around 12km completed she wasn't in great spirits, "I'm really not sure if I'm going to finish" she said, but we cheered and encouraged her and importantly, she was moving and not giving up. 21km, and some hours later, at the far end of the run course in the now moonlight conditions with few people around - after, I have to be honest, thinking perhaps she may have pulled out having done the calculations and figured she needed to be here soon to have any chance - Eddie appeared from the darkness. She wasn't the last athlete on the course either. She was moving well, now smiling too and after our "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie... Oi! Oi! Oi!" cheers was in a much more positive mood, "I've got one hour ten left (until cut off), I know how far I've got to go and I'm going to make it!". And make it she did in 16:06:46. She was the first, and only finisher in the category. And she wasn't the last finisher either...

Eddie Brocklesby, Ironman Vichy - Sunday 30th August 2015 - 1st F70-74


Another Ironman completed, this time at 72 years old for a woman who didn't even start running until she was 50 and could barely swim a width of (bad) breaststroke.

The Coach: "She's a bloody legend"

Eddie is coached by former Elite athlete and now BBC Commentator Annie Emmerson, who told me "She's a bloody legend! She trains hard, but she also has a lot of demands on her time with work and being a Grandmother. She often has to drop things for other responsibilities which means missing out on training. The turnaround in her thinking after having to pull out of Ironman Lanzarote earlier in the year was impressive... initially she was talking about that being the last one, then a few days later I'm getting emails about Ironman Vichy! Eddie is so passionate about getting the over-50's into activity and exercise at whatever level that may be. She runs the Silverfit charity (, and is always setting up these exercise groups in parks all over London to get people active. While she is passionate about sport, she's not one to miss out on the social aspect either! I don't know anyone else who gets by on less sleep - she'll be busy working all day, then out partying until late... then swimming in the Serpentine at 6:30am. Quite incredible, a real inspiration."

Congratulations Eddie Brockleslby - #ThisGirlCan

Eddie Brocklesby

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