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Thu 20th Feb 2020
Powerman Austria 2015 report
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 24th August 2015

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19th Powerman Austria Duathlon World Series - August 23rd, 2015

Pieter Rijnders (BEL) and Susanne Svenden (DEN) are the winners of the 2015 Powerman Austria Duathlon (10km run / 60km bike / 10km run)

On Sunday, August 23rd, the 19th SIG Harreither POWERMAN Austria Duathlon World Series featured some very exciting racing. In the men's competition it was a close race between Pieter Rijnders (BEL) and the winner of the POWERMAN Austria 2013, Søren Bystrup (DEN), until the final stages of the second run.

The first 10km was a fast pace and saw Rijnders and the Frenchman Anthony LeDuey reach the transition area one minute ahead. Once on the bike course Rob Woestenborghs (BEL) and Søren Bystrup would catch the leaders, and Woestenborghs left the transition area first to start the second run. After an infraction on the bike he got a time penalty and stopped.

Søren Bystrup took the lead at the start of the run but had to relinquish it to Pieter Rijnders near the finish line who won the race with a winning margin of 29 seconds. Bystrup took second with LeDuey third.

Peter Rijnders and Susanne Svendsen ©Blasl

In the women's competition the race was led by the group of Susanne Svendsen (DEN), Victoria Schenk (AUT) and Sandrina Illes (AUT) in the first running split. Once on the bike Susanne Svendsen would leave the two Austrians behind and won the competition in Weyer for the third time with a race time of 2:54:23. Second was Schenk and third Illes.

Powerman Austria, Weyer - Sunday 23rd August 2015
10km run - 60km bike - 10km run

Pos Men Women
1st RIJNDERS Pieter (BEL) 2:28:02,4 SVENDSEN Susanne (DEN) 2:54:23,5
2nd BYSTRUP Søren (DEN) 2:28:31,8 SCHENK Victoria (AUT) 2:57:17,8
3rd LEDUEY Anthony (FRA) 2:30:42,5 ILLES Sandrina (AUT) 3:01:19,0
4th WRZACZEK Stefan (AUT) 2:38:37,1 NEC-LAPINOVA Kristina (SVK) 3:04:40,5
5th NEYRINCK Jochen (BEL) 2:39:20,8 SCHNEITL Gertraud (AUT) 3:08:29,6
6th VAN-LOOY Diego (BEL) 2:39:38,9 HERNDLER Sigrid (AUT) 3:13:39,5
7th PRUNGRABER Karl (AUT) 2:39:52,2 ZERKHOLD Irene (AUT) 3:15:53,3
8th PAONNE Michele (LIE) 2:42:49,1 HÖFLER Elisabeth (AUT) 3:22:16,6
9th SCHÖPF Christoph (AUT) 2:42:56,9 WIMMER Trix (AUT) 3:26:02,7
10th GUBERT Markus (AUT) 2:44:18,0 KIRCHBERGER Ursula (AUT) 3:27:59,5

Powerman Austria 2015

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