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Fri 18th Oct 2019
Review: Aqua Sphere Eagle goggles
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 11th August 2015

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We take a look at the Aqua Sphere Eagle swimming goggles, which utilise interchangeable lenses to allow prescription goggle use as a very reasonable price.

Price: From £20 for googles, Lenses from £8.

Function: Goggles with swappable lenses allowing prescription lenses to be used.

  • Lens replacement system
  • Easy adjust buckles
  • One piece construction
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt and strap for long lasting comfort
  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant lenses

The Eagle Swimming Goggles from Aqua Sphere fitted with clear lenses are designed to provide the greatest visibility indoors or in low light. Diopters are individually available in half-step increments from 1.5 to 6.0, ensuring you will have perfectly customised visibility. The Eagle has a one piece, 100% silicone frame with curved Plexisol lenses that provide 180 degree, non distorted visibility.

Aqua Sphere Eagle

Interchangeable lenses for custom corrective vision. The lenses are straight forward to fit, clipping into the frames with a positive, snug fit. The lenses are left or right swappable and you purchase them individually so you can have different strength for each eye and it is the strength, not left or right that you need to order. This was the part that was not instantly apparent, I was expecting to select a strength for left and right eyes but then further investigation revealed the interchangeability!

If you are unable to wear contact lenses then these will be perfect, with our tester reporting they dramatically improved things in the pool and poolside.

As ever with Aqua Sphere the quality is very good, the lenses were simple to fit, even easier if you check YouTube for a quick tutorial. A key advantage with these goggles is that you can buy individual lenses and if your prescription changes you can easily update your goggles without needing to replace the whole set.

Aqua Sphere Eagle

As a parent who does not wear glasses I had not considered that my child might need lenses - and she had never previously mentioned an issue swimming without her glasses - and so the Eagles turned out to be a revelation for her. An added level of confidence, now she can fully see her surroundings and fellow swimmers in her lane at the pool!

If you wear glasses these offer a great value option and I am sure they are coming with us to the beach too.

You can find out more here

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