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Wed 20th Feb 2019
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Ironman UK: Age Group Champions
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Monday 20th July 2015

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Who took the Age-Group victories at Ironman UK 2015?

Torrential rain and blustery wins couldn't dampen the spirits of athletes at Sunday's Ironman UK in Bolton. Scotland's David McNamee took the title in the men's Pro race (report HERE), while Duracell Bunny Lucy Gossage returned to Bolton and produced a superb race to dominate and add another win to her victory two years ago (report HERE).

The bulk of the field in any Ironman race of course are the Age-Group athletes, and here we say a huge congratulations to the following names who have taken the top positions in their respective age categories, along with a summary of the top five overall Age-Group finishers.

IRONMAN UK, Bolton - Sunday 19th July 2015
2.4miles / 112 miles - 26.2miles


Category Men Women
18-24 Reece Barclay (GBR) 10:20:34 Lucy Charles (GBR) 10:58:44
25-29 Dan Cobby (GBR) 9:30:44 Kate Comber (GBR) 10:15:32
30-34 Thomas Christiaens (BEL) 9:35:22 Rachel Hallam (GBR) 10:28:53
35-39 Peter Fenwick (GBR) 9:44:33 Lucie Custance (GBR) 11:01:57
40-44 Tony Cullen (GBR) 9:53:05 Aileen Flynn (IRL) 11:13:24
45-49 Gareth Huxley (GBR) 10:10:26 Dionne Whelan (GBR) 12:46:54
50-54 Richard Newey (GBR) 10:33:40 Fran Malin (GBR) 12:29:00
55-59 Dave Mawhinney (GBR) 11:28:11 Valerie Place (GBR) 12:38:33
60-64 Per Clausen (DEN) 12:03:03 Fiona Davis (GBR) 15:38:50
65-69 Bryan Ellis (GBR) 13:05:05 Linda Ashmore (GBR) 15:19:36
70-74 James Howe (GBR) 16:57:06 N/A


Pos Men Women
1st Dan Cobby (GBR) 9:30:44 (25-29) Kate Comber (GBR) 10:15:32 (25-29)
2nd Thomas Christiaens (BEL) 9:35:22 (30-34) Rachel Hallam (GBR) 10:28:53 (30-34)
3rd Brian Fogarty (GBR) 9:44:06 (30-34) Lucy Charles (GBR) 10:58:44 (20-24)
4th Peter Fenwick (GBR) 9:44:33 (35-39) Angela Hibbs (GBR) 11:00:23 (30-34)
5th Marco Eglin (SUI) 9:48:01 (35-39) Lucie Custance (GBR) 11:01:57 (35-39)

Ironman UK Race Coverage

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