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Tue 23rd Oct 2018
TYR & CRC Swim Academy - Athlete Blogs #4
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 9th June 2015

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Following on from their first TYR & CRC Swim Academy coaching session we get our fourth update from the six athletes on how their swim programs are working out.

(You can revisit previous editions on these links: Week One | Week Two | Week Three)


I have had a mixed week regarding training, mostly my own fault. I went running on Monday and tripped over leaving myself with bruising on my face and this meant I couldn't wear goggles until the swelling subsided.

As a result I concentrated on getting more time with the resistance bands and looking at land-based techniques to try and reinforce my new technique in the way Richard had laid out.

Later in the week I managed to get a pool swim in on Friday and an open water swim on Saturday morning.

I have limited time in the pool however I am feeling that my technique is slowly changing for the better which is a confidence boost.

Being able to maintain my technique when swimming faster or getting tired is an area which I need to continue to focus on but the technique is becoming more ingrained.

I have been struggling for motivation to swim in pools, outside I am more than happy to swim but the enclosed environments are not places of enjoyment currently.

I had an open water swim on Saturday at Denham and initially I found myself feeling constrained by the open water environment and the sudden realisation of a strange world beneath me. Once I settled into my stroke and spent time in the water my confidence returned and I began to swim more efficiently. But it was definitely something I needed to overcome.

The TYR Hurricane C2 wetsuit was ideal for the open water session, I had good buoyancy and while I was wearing it I felt really confident in the water.

I feel very comfortable wearing the wetsuit, I had some slight chafing around the neck line, however it was to be expected as I swam 5km without any anti chaf products, lesson learnt.

My open water confidence has definitely improved. The Saturday session was needed for a good long time in an open water situation. Began slightly hesitantly but worked my way to feeling very confident by the end of the session.

I am definitely better than last week, despite a week of less training I have managed to get open water experience which will help me immensely.


I had an intense week of training completing four swim sessions and although the fourth was optional, I felt that I needed it to help me progress.

I had an open water swim on Monday which went well in that it didn't seem so hard wasn't cold.

I have completed all the sessions Richard had planned and only hope that my dedication has influenced my technique and it has improved and enhanced my swim. I certainly feel a lot smoother in the water and although the sessions are hard I am managing to complete them.

I'm really looking forward to the training session and assessment day this weekend, it'll be great to meet up with the swimmers again and to see the effect the structured training has had on my swim.


The first pool swim of my week was an aerobic technique session at a pool in Stokesley, it was a long session but I loved it, especially the main set which was a pyramid of 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m of varying paces, pull and effort. The 3km set passed quickly and I enjoyed a sneaky sauna afterwards too :-)

The second pool session was Threshold, a slightly shorter session with lots of 50m efforts but at this stage I really feel like I'm beginning to 'feel' the water better and that my high elbow is starting to become more natural than forced. As well as this I've noticed I'm breathing more like Richard the TYR Coach advised, I'm beginning to do so without thinking about it so the neuro pathways are coming together perhaps!

The open water session this week was a long one ‐ I did about 3.6km and felt great. It took me about 56 minutes and I was sprightly enough for a jog afterwards round the lake followed by a slap-up brunch. Although Richard prescribed a fourth session this week I couldn't fit it in as I was racing a sprint tri on Sunday. I've been trying to win this race for years and eventually managed it this year, and got the ladies course record! I was SO SO chuffed!!


I've had a quiet week unfortunately as I injured my wrist so the intensity of my swimming has therefore been hindered. I managed just one pool session this week, but I worked as hard as my ailment allowed to ensure it was worthwhile.

During the session I was focusing on trying to feel the water especially during the sculling exercises. I have been swimming much more slowly so that I have time to focus and concentrate, but at this stage I'm not worrying about speed or time as I want to get the technique right.

As the week progressed my wrist did begin to feel much stronger and I'll continue swimming to build up my strength so I'm fully fit and ready for the open water swim day this coming weekend!


I managed my last swim in Spain on Tuesday which was 1km and did another 1400m pool swim on Thursday after a 50k practice bike ride for my upcoming Velothon on 14th June.

I picked up an injury on my bad right arm over the weekend which is causing me quite a lot of pain at the moment, but I'll be sticking to Richard's plan this week and I'll be able to gauge how much it's restricting my swim then ­ hopefully not too much.

I still haven't managed an open water swim in the UK but with the upcoming TYR Open Water Swim Session on Saturday, I'll not be able to put it off for much longer. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the swimmers and meeting Richard again this weekend!


It has been a busy week during half term and my training was a little disrupted, but I managed to get a few good swims in and I was really proud of these. I had an open water session on Monday and three of us managed to miss two barrel jellyfish that had been washed up.

Needless to say, we weren't encouraged after this! My friend, practicing her drafting, was lucky enough to miss the one I then swam over, so this part of my swim I put down as a speed set. It really made me jump!

I can certainly say that the TYR goggles are great - they don't leak but do let you see monsters!

My following pool set was an endurance test for me, a hefty 3k in the pool. I was lucky as it was quiet and was very pleased with myself on completion.

Having a few days holiday (mountain biking!), meant a pool session at the weekend. The sets Richard had planned had lots of speed work and not something I usually do, but with all this practice I am noticing that I am becoming more able to swim at different speeds.

I'm enjoying swimming more and certainly have more focus.

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