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Tue 12th Nov 2019
Dave Scott Performance Clothing
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 26th May 2015

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Developed in conjunction with six-time Hawaii Ironman winner and the King of Kona - Dave Scott - we take a look at a few items from the Dave Scott Performance Triathlon range and take them for a long run...

Dave Scott Performance Triathlon Clothing - HUUB Design

Function: No compromise triathlon clothing 
Price: £80-£180

In 1994, at the age of 40, Dave Scott took second place at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships, very nearly winning for a record-breaking seventh time. In 1996 at age 42, he returned again to place fifth, running the marathon in 2:45.

HUUB teamed up with Dave Scott with the aim of a no compromise range of technical clothing to provide the best performance for athletes.

Mesh Panels are located along the spine and lower back to let heat dissipate
Made from the latest French fabrics delivering a soft feel but true sweat wicking
'Cold Black' Technology utilised to manage temperatures
Long front zip for comfort and cooling on the run
All fabrics are heat reflective for added cooling

Short Sleeves
Improved aerodynamics
Improved control of the bicep muscles to reduce oscillation
Shoulder and upper arm UV protection

Chamois designed specifically for longer distance swim, cycle and run
The LD Chamois has been rotated slightly forward to match garment design with modern day bike fit methods
The suit and chamois is designed for the open hip position when on a triathlon bike, which is proven to deliver better performance and comfort

Seam free arm and leg openings, increasing aerodynamics
Covered rear pockets for optimum aerodynamics on the bike and swim
Long sleeves (compared to standard Tri suits) offer improved aerodynamics on the bike
For the athlete looking for the ultimate in Triathlon Suit comfort, performance and speed

Dave Scott has long been a fixture in triathlon and is one of the greats in the sport, so it would stand to reason that any kit items bearing his name would be tailored to provide the best quality and performance for the athlete. As befitting the claims we looked to try out the kit in a decent test of comfort and performance. That was the London Marathon, a distance the kit should be able to tackle with ease and one designed to test out the wearability for any upcoming long distance triathlon events!

Opting for the triathlon shorts and separate top meant that calls of nature would be a simpler affair and is my favoured combo anyway. It offers me more wearability in day-to-day training.

Both top and shorts are solidly made and the fabric feels nice and durable. Mixed panels of perforated fabric aid temperature control and fast track moisture away from the body. The kit has a professional feel making you feel good before you even hit the start line.

Dave Scott Performance by HUUB

I have mostly been using the shorts in training and of course the marathon. Firstly, in training these provide a very comfortable short and can be worn quite happily under baggy shorts or solo. The lightweight feel extends to the top with both items offering rub free wear. My main concern with any shorts with an insert / chamois is the feel on the run. In shorter runs this is not really a factor and the benefit from having an insert on the bike outweighs any noticeable feel on the run. In longer distances however, I had my misgivings. I’m not an elite athlete and so comfort beats performance in most cases. Here I tried out the shorts on several half marathon distance runs (and walks!) and of course, the big one.

The insert on the shorts is pretty much an invisible element and did not cause any rubbing or chafing at all. Granted, I had taken the precaution of some liberal lubing but I would do that with or without a shorts insert - chafing and blisters are best avoided at any cost.

Dave Scott Performance by HUUB

I have worn the top less that the shorts, but it is of the same construction, great build and designed to feel comfortable out on the course.

Performance often comes with a price, and here there is a price but it is not as eye watering as you would expect (cycle clothing I am looking at you!). The DS range hits a good balance between really great performance and a price that might put it as Sunday best but you should trust it to last many a training session. I have mostly run in the shorts but the inserts are designed for the bike and they proved most comfortable on the morning ride. I think the marathon distance would be the hardest element for the shorts and whilst my own race did not quite go to plan, the shorts were a great companion.

In shorts (!), I can conclude that the Dave Scott range is a great addition to the HUUB collection. If you are rocking the wetsuit, try out the rest of the kit. The range is expanding and now covers everything from the basic training and entry level race kit to top end race winning wetsuits, where it all began.

You can find out more about the range here

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