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Wed 20th Jun 2018
Olympian set for Outlaw Half
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 20th May 2015

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Olympian Heather Fell set for triathlon debut

Beijing 2008 Olympic silver medallist, Heather Fell (, is to start the Outlaw Half Triathlon in Nottingham on 31st May. The former Modern Pentathlete will be doing her first ever triathlon, and is keen to encourage other women to give triathlon a go.

Although most 'novices' might chose a sprint distance event, Heather will swim 1900m in the Regatta Lake at the National Watersports Centre followed by a 56mile bike ride and 13.1mile run. She expects the event will take her around six hours to complete.

We wanted to find out a bit more...

What drove you to take up triathlon?

A new challenge. I am always encouraging people, especially women, to try new sports, I thought it was about time I put my money where my mouth is. So many of my friends have been raving about the sport.

Heather Fell

How do you find training for three sports, instead of five!?

Good fun, but more time consuming, as the longest session for pentathlon would only be a couple of hours. There are no easy disciplines in triathlon. At least with shooting training it's only really demanding on the brain and not so physically tough.

Heather FellWhich is your strongest discipline? And weakest?

I think swimming should be my strongest, but as a result I've done the least amount of training on it. My new blueseventy wetsuit is arriving in time for some open water swimming practice though! Cycling will be tough as I've been away so much of this year so not had much time on the bike or miles in the legs.

How much training do you do?

It completely varies as I've been trying to fit it around my busy freelance work. I've been abroad a lot, so I've had to stick with just running for most of it. When I'm home I cycle as much as possible.

What's your day job?

Freelance journalist, commentator, blogger, athlete mentor and after dinner speaker. I never get bored.

What are you most and least looking forward to about the Outlaw Half?

I'm looking forward to trying a completely new sport and, of course, crossing that finish line. I love meeting new people at sporting events and think this will be no exception. I'm also looking forward to testing my mental strength, as I've never done a race that's lasted more than one hour forty.

I'm least looking forward to getting off the bike and trying to run. I'm also slightly concerned about any comfort breaks that might be needed along the way.

Heather Fell

Do you have a target time or goal in mind?

I want to finish it still smiling and still running. Oh and secretly I'd love to beat my boyfriend although I think it's not that realistic!

Are you and your boyfriend competitive with each other, or both just looking to enjoy the day?

He's worried about the swim, and I know I'm much stronger in that, but the run and bike are a much larger percentage so unless he's so tired after the swim I don't have that much chance.

Heather Fell won Olympic silver in the Modern Pentathlon at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. As a sporting ambassador, she is keen to encourage more women to enjoy the physical, social and mental benefits of sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Heather is supported by blueseventy, who make a range of femme fit wetsuits specifically designed for women, and Powerbar, to help fuel her for the race.

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