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Mon 23rd Sep 2019
TYR & CRC Swim Academy Competition Winners
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 13th May 2015

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Having won a place through Chain Reaction Cycles and TYR Open Water Swim competition, six keen swimmers of varying ages and abilities joined together on 2nd May at Surrey Sports Park, Surrey University to begin their 5 Week challenge.

We take a look at our competition winners and will be tracking their progress throughout the 5 week challenge, starting with a report from the first weekend. Keep an eye out for updates from the athletes!


ATHLETE #1: David Hallett
AGE: 43
SPORTING BACKGROUND: I regularly play cricket, badminton, golf and tennis.
REASON FOR ENTERING COMPETITION: I'm competing in various sporting events this year including some open water swimming competitions and I want to be able to give it my best shot and see an improvement in my times with the coaching of Richard.
EVENTS ENTERED IN 2015: Open Water Swim, Cardiff Velothon, Castle Sprint Triathlon, Great North Run, Cardiff 10k
ATHLETE #2: Sylvie Wollaston
AGE: 49
SPORTING BACKGROUND: My main sport has always been running, I started in my 30's and I've ran the London Marathon, though recently I have started swimming and cycling with the hope of being able to enter Ironman UK for my 50th Birthday.
REASON FOR ENTERING COMPETITION: I lack confidence while swimming, I know I need to improve and I feel I have the ability to do this. I always wanted someone to take a look at my stroke technique and advise me on what to do better, and I knew that if I won a place, I'd be able to get the advice I needed.
EVENTS ENTERED IN 2015: Hever Castle Half Marathon, Ironman UK
ATHLETE #3: Jamie Oakey
AGE: 23
SPORTING BACKGROUND: I've been a Sprint swimmer at club level since the age of 6 focusing mainly on short distance events 50m, 100m. I entered my first triathlon and open water event in 2014 and when I came third in the open water swim I knew I didn't want to compete in pool competitions any longer.
REASON FOR ENTERING COMPETITION: Being new to open water swimming and triathlons I knew the advice I would get would be really beneficial to my swim and any knowledge is always greatly appreciated.
EVENTS ENTERED IN 2015: Henley 1.5km, Marlow 1.5km, Eastleigh 1.5km, Bray lake 2km (all open water swims), BUCS Triathlon, Eton Sprint Triathlon, Cotswold Triathlon.
ATHLETE #4: Hélene Rossiter
AGE: 35
SPORTING BACKGROUND: I've been competing in triathlons since 2004 running all distances including ironman and half ironman. I've ran the London marathon 3 times, most recently in April 2015 and I compete regularly in running races and cycle sportives.
REASON FOR ENTERING COMPETITION: My swimming has all been self taught. At a stage I could barely swim 4 lengths, but I persevered swimming upwards of 3 times a week until I managed to get my 400m swim to 6 minutes 20. Now I feel I've plateaued and I'm in need of some help.
EVENTS ENTERED IN 2015: London Marathon (completed), 2 x sprint triathlons, Deva triathlon, ITU Long Course World Championships, ITU European Championship.
ATHLETE #5: Mary Swindles
AGE: 62
SPORTING BACKGROUND: I ran the second ever London Marathon in 1982 and hereafter ran another 20 marathons up until 1999. I started competing in triathlons in an effort to help preserve my knees and ran my first triathlon in 2013.
REASON FOR ENTERING COMPETITION: I feel that swimming is where I can make most improvements in my triathlon times, I make a huge effort on my swim technique at the minute but I feel it can be vastly improved.
EVENTS ENTERED IN 2015: Eton Dorney Sprint Triathlon, Windsor Sprint Triathlon.
ATHLETE #6: Jocelyn Gould
AGE: 38
SPORTING BACKGROUND: I started swimming 8 years ago and I'm a huge fan of mountain biking, I have tried triathlons but I much prefer adventure racing.
REASON FOR ENTERING COMPETITION: I need a kick up the backside! I needed something to work towards and hopefully this will not only inspire me to swim more, but give me a huge confidence boost.
EVENTS ENTERED IN 2015: Sandbanks to Southbourne 10k.

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