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Tue 5th Jul 2022
Talk does not cook rice...
Posted by: Tej Thaker
Posted on: Friday 13th March 2015

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When we last heard from Tej Thaker, he was toughing it out to finish Ironman Mallorca. With a new year comes new goals, and Tej has his motivational head on...slacking off is not an option.

"Talk does not cook rice"
Chinese proverb

January blues: It's cold, wet and miserable and that time of the year everyone loves making resolutions that they'll never keep. Don't be that person! We're in March now, so if you've not kept up with what you'd promised yourself; re-asses, re-think and re-target. Make it ambitious, but achievable. If you want to hit your goals, beat your competition, be fitter and faster in 2015, slacking off is not an option!

"What would Hoy do?"

Tej Thaker's alarm...I created that phrase whilst I was training on the turbo in early 2014 and I've used it ever since. It helps get me out of bed at 5:30am, go out for cold wet runs, and push me during sessions where I've nearly given up, to feeling like my heart was going to explode at 190bpm. (Next target:195).

If you want to be great at what you do, in anything, the secret is to follow the greats.

No athlete has ever achieved success without working hard during the winter months. On TV you only see Usain Bolt run for 9.58s or Phelps swim a 49.82s 100m butterfly. But you don't see the early mornings, dietary discipline (12,000cal/day was still a form of discipline for Phelps), and countless hours, days and years of training behind the scenes – although I do appreciate they may travel to warmer climates, but you and I don't have that luxury, so stop finding a reason not to train!

It was inevitable that they would become successful in their own fields because of their discipline and dedication. We will never reach our potential if we immediately limit ourselves by quitting the moment we approach a hurdle (in this case: cold and wet).

I'm not suggesting a 30 hour training week, but create a realistic plan and whatever it may be, even if it's two sessions a week, stick to it. Be disciplined! Then, make subtle but realistic changes to increase your efforts if possible, if you're feeling like things are going well.

For all the triathletes in pursuit of a better time however, do everything you can now, so that when race day comes, you can confidently say "there's nothing more I could've done". Whilst training, ask yourself is what you're doing, going to help you swim/bike/run faster. If it's not, stop doing it. Be accountable for your success and for your failure.

As we head into the last throws of Winter, here are some tips to get you out and training, so that when Spring finally does hit; you're ahead of your targets.

Training Tips to beat the winter:

  • Warm up indoors
  • Compression clothing to keep you warm
  • Music
  • Set a target/challenge for every session
  • Reward yourself when you hit targets
  • Train with friends
  • Enter an event

I raced at Iceman on 7th February, I'd never done an off-road event, but racing at such events keeps you motivated through the winter, and gives you a chance to put your training to the test. And importantly like many of you, I love racing, but if you only enter triathlons, you have a limited time period in which you can race in England.

The decisions you make now will affect what you achieve this year!

Don't be the person who's shocked now that it's the end of January and then complains it's 'already' December 2015.

Best of luck guys! Own 2015.

Twitter: @th4ker

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