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Fri 19th Aug 2022
Joel Jameson's New Zealand double
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 20th February 2015

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Twice second at Challenge events in the UK - Weymouth 2014 and Henley 2012 - Joel Jameson ( has an early start to his long distance season in 2015, with Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand this weekend. However, that is only the first step in his Kiwi double attempt, as he'll also be in Taupo racing Ironman New Zealand in two weeks time as well.

The logic of the trip to the Southern Hemisphere... it looks like an amazing place to visit! I asked Joel about his decision to head to New Zealand to start the season - here is his update.

The New Zealand Adventure!

As you get further into the deep dark places of being a professional Ironman athlete, you almost become so conditioned to racing the distance that it's not that imposing anymore. It's lost that 'will I make it round' notion which drew you to do it in the first place. Saying that is a fairly obvious thing to say, as by racing professionally, you have publicly stated that you're making your living from the sport which naturally means you have to be conditioned for the demands.

When planning my 2015 season I looked at Challenge Wanaka and thought... Now there is a race which is on my bucket list and one that I think I can do well in, but also an amazing place to venture to. I started thinking… surely it's a long trip just for one little iron-distance race. Pretty hard to justify to the bank manager when you're not one of those athletes who can dominate 90% of their races! Then I saw that Ironman New Zealand was two weeks after… Tick tock, tick tock… Entered!

Joel Jmameson looks forward to Challenge Wanaka

Is it mad… Maybe? Will it be fun… Yes! Could I race well in both races… I believe I can! So there it is, two iron-distance races two weeks apart and a lot of fun and soreness to be had!

I've prepared by spending five weeks in Aguilas, Spain where I also ran two JamesonCoaching training camps from. A seven day camp with some of my athletes, and a five day camp with a racing driver and crew, both great fun and hard training. Will a five week block be enough to do an Ironman justice… we will found out in 2 days!

Expectations have to be to get within the top five to cover my expenses… but if I'm honest I am still hunting for that big ‘numero uno'…top step of the podium. If I limit my losses on the swim and I bike well, then I believe I am in the run shape to put some pressure on the other guys.

Joel Jmameson looks forward to Challenge Wanaka

What I do know however is that Wanaka is an amazing place, the Challenge event will be an epic and I'll have to bring my wife out here to work out how we can move!!

Joel Jmameson looks forward to Challenge Wanaka

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