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Fri 19th Aug 2022
National League Update 2014
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Thursday 13th November 2014

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Kevin Robinson reports in with an update on the 2014 season from the UK National Triathlon League.

If you have any queries or corrections on the scoring etc, please direct them to: [email protected].

Hello leaguers,

As I've already communicated directly to the relevant clubs the results of the team competition, I shall only discuss them briefly here. Their is one correction, which doesn't however, change the position of the top three clubs as already given. Black Country Tri have won the UK League again, by a very narrow margin from Tri London, with Derby Tri in third place.

BCT have 706.329 points and the UK League Championship; Tri London are in second place, worthy runners-up with 698.555 points; Derby Tri, after a minor correction to their total, in third place with 671.973 points. Tri London Ladies won the Ladies' League Championship with 600.502 points and were fourth overall in the Championship; Coventry Tri Ladies were runners-up in the Ladies' Championship with 524.771 points, beating their club's main team, who have been hard-hit this year with several of their top male athletes being injured. Coventry Tri can, of course, take comfort in any bad year from the fact that they still hold the record for the highest team score in a single event (Lanzarote in fact) of 600+ points. That aside, the Clubs in the first three places this year have in fact been the dominant clubs in the UK League since I started it in 1994, each of them having won the Championship several times. Army won the Championship in 2013 but decided not to compete this year, so it seems quite fitting that the three clubs who have maintained their support and their standard of general excellence should take the first three places in the year before my sabbatical.

I'll now report on the League Individual Championship. Only twenty two leaguers managed to complete the requirement of two League-listed events this year. Two years ago I reduced the requirement for a team score from three to two league members. I did so to ease the financial burden on league members. Events are now more expensive, travel and accommodation cost more, and of course there is the cost of updating one's equipment, so two events rather than three seemed more appropriate for a period of austerity.

Recently, austerity seemed to be a matter of less urgency; after all we are told that in Europe as a whole, we are ahead of the other countries, but our recovery and forward progress still seems to be rather mixed and still somewhat uncertain. This may be reflected in the fact that some clubs have only managed to achieve one team score in the League this year, and that most of the individual members of all League clubs, including those of the top three clubs, only managed to complete one event; a number failed to complete even one event. So the twenty two who completed two events are listed here below; those completing only one event are not listed.

Derby Tri, as indicated above, so many times winners of the League Championship, had what I'll call a lackluster year. They did enough to achieve third place overall, but one man carried the torch for his club and the League generally by winning the Individual title. That man is Chris Nicoll, who has won the League title before, and who tops the Individual List with 363.114 points; Chris is a well-established leaguer, and as well as being an excellent triathlete and duathlete, he also knows how to choose his events, mixing, as he did this year, a high-scoring event (Challenge Barcelona) with an event with a lower tariff but less distinguished opposition (Ripon). You have to be crafty as well as competitive. What's more, Chris had some very competent, even distinguished opposition to cope with. In second place in the Individual List this year is Steven Lord of Tri London who, like Chris, has won the League before. Steven was less than nine points behind Chris, with very good scores at Ironman UK and Ironman Wales, earning 354.375 points. In third place is Chris Woods of Black Country Tri with good scores at the Outlaw Half and Bala Middle, which earned him 347.923 points. In fourth place is Robert Kennard, also of BCT, whose 330.159 points made a significant contribution to BCT's winning the League Team Championship.

First among the ladies this year is Roz McGinty of Tri London, in fifth place overall with a total of 326.159 points; Roz did very well at Almere, and backed up her score there with a good score at Grafham Water. Tri London once again distinguished themselves, particularly against ladies from other League clubs with Amy Pritchard, 308.551 points, Naomi Shinkins, 294.941 points, Olivia Hetreed, 290.789 points, and Anna Berenguel, 261.132 points, all finishing in the top twenty places. One lady from Coventry Tri, Corinne O'Connor, got into the List with a gutsy performance at Lanzarote and a back-up score at Bala which earned her a total of 272.521 points; she could be one to watch in the future. Finally, Jo Reynolds, also of Coventry Tri, and a well-established leaguer (I won't tell you how old he is) and still able to cut a bit of a rug. The full Individual List is here below:


C. Nicoll
S. Lord
C. Woods
R. Kennard
R. McGinty (F)
J. Wortellboer
G. Fletcher
D. Glover
K. Lineham
A. Pritchard (F)
J. Griffin
B. Speake
R. Henriksen
N. Shinkins (F)
O. Hetreed (F)
C. O'Hara
N. Morgan
P. Rogers
G. Smith
C. O'Connor (F)
A. Berenguel (F)
J. Reynolds

Trophies, including those for some age-group winners will, as usual, be sent out in time for Christmas. Then the League will be on sabbatical until 2016. I might, however, in 2015, send something for our dedicated space on Tri247, especially if I come near winning anything (you know, fifteenth place in a ten minute duathlon that won't even have been included in the 2015 Handbook). But meanwhile, my very best wishes and thanks to all leaguers. If you want league competition in 2015 you may have to consider a regional or local league. There were none when I started the UK National League in 1994, but there are plenty now, so I think we've served as pretty good pathfinders. If you do participate in a local league, don't assume you'll win everything, but let them see that you know how to put up a good show.


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