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Sat 1st Oct 2022
The Dimond Bike of TJ Tollakson
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Tuesday 21st October 2014

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U.S. athlete TJ Tollakson had the biggest win of his career in August this year when he dominated the Ironman North America Championships in Mont Tremblant, leading home Dan Halksworth and Andreas Raelert to take victory by 19 minutes. In doing so he secured his start at Kona 2014.

As well as being an athlete, TJ also owns and designs Dimond Bikes. If you watched the coverage from Kona, you'll have seen Germany's Maik Twelsiek riding a Dimond bike at the head of the field for much of the race alongside Sebastian Kienle.

Richard Melik ( had a good chat with TJ on the way to Kona and got to take a look at the bike close up on arrival.

I sat next to TJ on the (very delayed) flight from San Francisco to Kona and we spent over five hours talking bikes. He is an engineer and an absolute bike geek and has always tinkered with his position, particularly with regard to his aerobar setup which borders on the maverick, at least in the triathlon world.

This bike is from his own company, Dimond Bikes (, and he is passionate about the aerodynamic benefit of this bike which he argues loses none of the stiffness or power transfer of a traditional frame. This was his setup for Kona 2014.

The bikes are designed, tested and produced 100% in the US using their own patented carbon moulding techniques. His bikes are available by special order direct from the factory and he has already shipped two to the UK and would love to expand the market. 2012 Olympian Stuart Hayes will also be racing on a Dimond in 2015.

The Dimond from the drive side.

Dimond ©Richard Melik/Tri247

Di2 shifting on the extension and drops, with custom pads to support his arms in the upright 'preying mantis' style position.

Dimond ©Richard Melik/Tri247

Tollakson is using a TriRig Omega front brake caliper.

Dimond ©Richard Melik/Tri247

On the lava rocks, over looking the Kona coast.

Dimond ©Richard Melik/Tri247

Another angle of the beam bike.

Dimond ©Richard Melik/Tri247

Made in the U.S.A.

Dimond ©Richard Melik/Tri247

No seat stays to see here.

Dimond ©Richard Melik/Tri247

TJ in race mode on the Queen K.

Dimond ©Richard Melik/Tri247

For more information on Dimond Bikes, visit

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