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Thu 19th Sep 2019
Weekend roundup: October 11-12
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 13th October 2014

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It wouldn't happen in America, that's for sure... OK, it probably would but you just know that it wouldn't end well. 10pm on a Saturday evening is not the time you expect to find all the acceptable coffee and food outlets closed up on a major UK motorway. Not just the stewed to death and probably made yesterday coffee or the stuff that pretends to be coffee and comes out of a vending machine which was last cleaned when the year began with a '1' - no, we are talking two outlets of a major international chain and an international fast food franchise.

You might ask, why would coffee be important on a Saturday night? Well, normally it's not but this particular Saturday night a triple-shot espresso is probably the only thing that'll keep me going long enough to see the winners be-leied in Hawaii and I'm still nearly 100 miles from home and a decent internet connection. It's clearly going to be a tough night... And then they shut the M4 from Reading to Maidenhead and it was game over for Ironman watching...

Fortunately there's lots of coverage in our dedicated Hawaii section and in reality I've not missed out on much but it's the principle of the thing! It wouldn't have happened in that nice little Starbucks on Palani Drive, that's for sure!

The ITU's World Cup race at Cartegena in Colombia looked like a standard distance reprise of last weekends's racing at Cozumel - at least as far as the start lists were concerned. In the women's race Nicola Spirig (SUI) produced another win, she may not have raced much since the 2012 Olympics but she's now four for four, while Emma Pallant could only manage 31st versus last weekend's breakthrough 7th. The men's race put another Swiss on the podium but Sven Riederer was the cheese in a French sandwich of Pierre Le Corre and Dorian Coninx. Thomas Bishop was 16th. Full results HERE.

Rattling around the UK events on Sunday we can see that at the British Age Group Duathlon Championships Julian Lings (Team Accelerade) had a clear win over Lee Piercy (Performance Cycles) and Phil Melling while Wendy Nicholls (Cirencester Tri Club) took the women's trophy ahead of Victoria Smith (BRAT Club) and Sam Aplin. Full results are on the Big Cow website HERE.

Run for the first time this weekend, the Huntsman Triathlon saw another win for the evergreen Colin Dixon ahead of Robert Fryer and Karl Alexander. Rebecca Slack won the female race with Ruth Thom in second and Marie Coburn third. Full results are HERE and the sprint distance results are HERE.

A long-standing event in the Autumn calendar, the 1485 No Frills Duathlon were the first to submit a full set of results. Wins went to Eoin O'Flynn and Stephanie White with the full set online HERE.

Two other duathlons dropped results into the system: the Hartside Duathlon results (HERE) give the top placings to Ben Butler and Hilary Ross (Durham Triathlon) while the Lexus Dinton Duathlon results (HERE) record wins for Callum Hughes and Junie Rayfield.

A couple more results popped into the box on Monday morning: the Osprey Triathlon on Portland was won by Joe Arundel and Natalie Thomas, full results are up HERE, while at the 2Fast and Furious Duathlon the headlines show David Pearson and Sarah Chambers taking the honours. No splits for that one (yet?) but the overall results are HERE.

A couple of events we trailed in the preview didn't happen: the VDO Run Rider event in Bristol has been postponed until 2015 while the Deer Stalker Aquathlon suffered a pool failure on Friday leaving only the children's event possible.


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