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Sat 4th Dec 2021
Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Thursday 18th September 2014

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Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept

Scotland's Fraser Cartmell ( has had an exceptionally busy - and very successful - 2014 racing season. He's raced, and won, no less than five Scottish Championship titles this year (Sprint, Standard and Middle Distance Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathlon), won The Bastion iron-distance, won the British Middle Distance Championships and earned multiple podium finishes in Spain (Elche, Bilbao and Zarautz). His latest race was this past weekend where he finished a hard earned second at Ironman Wales after racing head-to-head with eventual race winner Matt Trautman for the vast majority of the day.

We suspect at least part of his enjoyment may come from the fact that his stead this year has been one of the most desired bikes available, the Trek Speed Concept. Cartmell has been riding Trek bikes for many years now, and this is the latest iteration of the Speed Concept which arguably started the current 'superbike' trend. It is certainly a special machine.

We take an in-depth look here, with all images thanks to Richard Melik of Freespeed (, except for the final action shot at Ironman Wales this weekend, which is courtesy of Getty Images for Ironman.

It's quite a good day for looking at the Trek Speed Concept, given that Germany's Jens Voight will be riding an adapted version for his Hour Record attempt later today...(Thursday 18th September).

An overview of Fraser's ride. No race wheels in place here, as the images were taken on a training camp earlier this season.

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

Fraser has been with the Trek team for several years now, something he is very appreciative of: "I feel very fortunate to have been sponsored by Trek since 2010, meaning that almost that entire time I've been riding the Speed Concept as my race bike, as it was launched in May of that year at the Tour of California in Los Angeles. Ever since, my team mates and I have firmly believe we get to ride on the fastest machine on the market. For me personally, that confidence is reinforced when I am able to set bike course records such as at Ironman Wales this weekend".

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

Only the best - Campagnolo 11-speed, Record EPS (Electronic Power Shift) groupset

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

A work of carbon art - the Bora Ultra aerodynamic crankset

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

The small Campagnolo EPS interface unit sits snugly behind the stem, shielded from the wind. The EPS battery sits out of the way, underneath the bottom bracket.

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

Front view of the latest Speed Concept aero bar set up - very clean lines.

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

And from the side...

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

Cartmell uses a relatively conventional Bontrager Inform saddle. The EPS bar-end shifters use a 'back-to-zero' system, improving both aerodynamics and ergonomics.

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

Don't like the colour? With Trek's Project One system you can choose pretty much any colour you want...

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

A relaxed Fraser by the pool with his Speed Concept.

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Richard Melik / Freespeed

In full flight - with race wheels - at Ironman Wales on Sunday.

Fraser Cartmell's Trek Speed Concept ©Getty Images for Ironman

"I currently use a Bontrager disc wheel, which is a team issue piece of kit. This year that is a Trek Factory Racing logo'd version and is a shallow carbon rim regular spoked wheel with a carbon 'faring' cover over the top.

"My front wheel is usually a Bontrager Aeolus 7.0 or a shallower 5.0 version. Very rarely I have raced with the deepest section 9.0. These wheels are always tubular and I again race with Bontrager tires".

Ironman Wales Coverage

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