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Tue 28th Jun 2022
Challenge Weymouth - final advice
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 12th September 2014

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#MyChallengeUK Alan Rose

Final advice for competitors ahead of Challenge Weymouth

We embark on our final pre-race #MyChallengeUK instalment – this time speaking with Challenge Weymouth Race Director, Alan Rose. Alan has spent the last few weeks down in Weymouth and runs through some of the important things that competitors, and indeed their ‘support crew’, might need to know ahead of race day.

Alan, are you pleased with the new venue in Weymouth, after the change from Henley last year?

Yes, we have been really pleased with how the event has come together. The support for the event over the last eleven months has been fantastic, not only from Dorset County Council and Weymouth town council, but many individuals, groups and businesses within the local community.

In terms of what competitors can expect on the day, how are the conditions looking for the swim?

Every morning over the past week, the sea has been very calm, and with a similar forecast for the weekend, we are expecting the same conditions on race morning, with very little swell or tides affecting the race.  As will be explained in the race briefing, the main turn buoys on the swim course will be yellow, and we are waiting for further marker buoys to be delivered from Huub, which will be used to mark approximately every 100m along the edges of the swim route.

How long a run can competitors expect from the swim exit up to transition one?

The run from the swim exit to T1 is approximately 80 meters, and will be matted, as that end of the beech is stony.

The bike course looks to be fairly rolling, is it set for some fast times on race day?

Well no promises, but the talk from the locals is that if it turns out as is currently forecast, the wind direction should be perfect for some fast times. The prediction is that the wind will push the riders round the end of the lap back in to town, but because of the lie of the land, they should be sheltered from the headwind on the first part of the lap.

Are you expecting any particular support points out on the bike route for the riders?

Although the route will be a lot more accessible than the Challenge Henley route was in previous years, we are unsure yet if there will be any significant support points on the bike. They will of course get a cheer from the bike aid stations, which competitors will pass six times over the full distance race.

What are the major support points for the competitors out on the run course?

The run course will be a big focus for us in terms of support for the athletes. The commentary has been linked up all along the promenade so athletes and spectators will be able to hear what is happening along the finish area from some way away. Along with this, we have dubbed the mile immediately following the finish area as ‘the Beer mile’, as it passes over 40 restaurants, cafes and bars, which will make great points for spectators to cheer from, while keeping themselves refreshed. All in all, we expect over half of the run route to feature some sort of support point, which will all provide for a fantastic atmosphere both for competitors and spectators.

Anything else you think competitors and supporters coming down should know ahead of race day?

Aside from the points already covered in the race information which is already available online, we have produced 10,000 event guides, which have been distributed to local shops and businesses in and around the town, to be available to visitors over the race weekend. It includes a timetable of the events that are happening across the weekend, maps of the routes that the race will be following, as well as key spectator points, to help people make the most out of their visit down to the town and enjoyment of the race. We really hope that with the support that we have had so far from the local authorities and community that it will be a great event, and with the benefits gained from the Challenge rewards scheme and a fast but honest course, that it will prosper over many years to come.

More information about the event can also be found by visiting the website,, or by following the team on Facebook (ChallengeUK) and Twitter (@ChallengeTriUk)

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