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Wed 21st Aug 2019
© Delly Carr / ITU Media
ITU Aquathlon World Champs medal roundup
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Thursday 28th August 2014

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The first event of the 2014 TransCanada Corp. World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton, Canada on Wednesday was the ITU World Aquathlon Championship.

Medals for Great Britian in the Paratriathlon (Melissa Reid, Gold in PT5, guided by Nicole Walters), Elite (Hannah Kitchen, Bronze) and the Age Group events (listed below).

The results do however raise, in my eyes at least (and not for the first time.. deja vu?), the current format and status of the ITU Aquathlon World Championships as an Elite, multi-category race. The Elite, Under-23 and Junior Elite women's race had 11 entrants. In total. The men's total was only 13, while the Men's Under-23 had one entry... who on time was slower than the first three finishers in the M20-24 Age Group.

I'll repeat exactly (again!), what I said two years ago:

"I really like Aquathlons. They are a great way to experience multisport, a great way to spot talent, great fun to race and relatively easy and cheap to organise... but I have to ask, do we need an Elite Aquathlon World Championship if - it appears - (almost) nobody wants to enter it?

"The Aquathlon World Championship is a great Age Group event and a natural fit with the Age Group Triathlon World Championships. Is it time to make it an Age Group only event? How about making it an 'Open' race, removing the Age Group / Elite segregation - first across the line wins?"

I truly am a fan of Aquathlon, and these thoughts are in no way intended as a slight towards the athletes - they can only race (and win) against those who are there on the day - but given there is no clear difference (e.g. like draft-legal in Elite Triathlon) in how the event is held, and the race distances are the same, is there really a need for a 16-19 'Age Group' race AND an 'Elite Junior', and similarly a 20-24 'Age Group' AND and 'Elite Under-23'?


Pos Men Women
1st Yuichi Hosada (JPN) 24:18 Anneke Jenkins (NZL) 27:26
2nd Ryosuke Yamamoto (JPN) 24:49 Yuliya Yelistratova (UKR) 27:52
3rd Yegor Martynenko (UKR) 24:54 Hannah Kitchen (GBR) 28:09
Under 23
Pos Men Women
1st Kyle Smith (NZL) 26:11 Ivan Kuriackova (SVK) 29:52
2nd Pedro Gordiho Apud (BRA) 28:31 Oleksandra Stepanenko (UKR) 29:58
3rd Yago Alves (BRA) 28:58  
Pos Men Women
1st Alessio Fioravanti (ITA) 27:54 Jaimee Leader (NZL) 30:36
2nd   Vittoria Lopes (BRA) 31:32
3rd   Beatriz Dumet Aguiar (BRA) 33:25


Pos Men Women
1st Alejandro Sanchez Palomero (ESP) 32:36  
2n Daniel Molina (ESP) 34:21  
Pos Men Women
1st Peter Boronkay (HUN) 30:24  
2nd Zoltan Balogh (HUN) 31:49  
3rd Antonio Franco Salas (ESP) 33:56  
Pos Men Women
1st   Melissa Reid (GBR) 34:57
2nd   Susana Rodriguez (ESP) 35:09
3rd   Zsofia Lengyel (HUN) 44:33



Barbara Holmes, F55-59
Barbara Walton, F65-69


Vicky Tester, F30-34
Janette Cardy, F40-44
Jane Leslie, F65-69
Peggy Crome, F70-74


Michael Birchmore, F20-24
Beverley Childs, F55-59

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