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Sun 20th Oct 2019
ECF Monster Mojo & Mojito report
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Monday 12th May 2014

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Monster Racing staged their inaugural ECF Monster Mojo and Mojito sponsored by PWR+ triathlons around Peterborough on Sunday, 11th May.


Athletes in the Mojo, more widely known as a middle distance, took on a mile and a quarter swim, 50 mile cycle and 13 mile run. Whilst athletes in the Mojito, or Olympic distance as its known, completed just under a mile swim, 23 mile cycle and a 6 mile run.

Both events were sponsored by Eastern Counties and PWR+. ECF have supported Monster Racing since their first season 2011 and PWR+ came on board in 2013. Both companies have put up generous prize funds for the winners which mean the events attract big names from all over the UK including pro triathlete Sam Gardner plus GB Age Group Athletes.

A total of 150 athletes started the events. Their race started with a cracking swim in Peterborough Rowing Lake. Once out of the water they headed for transition where they quickly changed and mounted their bikes. Out on the bike course they benefitted from the rolling rural roads for their long ride. They then enjoyed the fantastic run route around Nene Park where they completed their challenge. This new event saw many athletes achieved personal best times!

The ECF Monster Mojo sponsored by PWR+ winner in a time of 4hr 12min 16sec was Ben Baldelli (Cambridge Triathlon Club) and the female winner was Frankie Sanjana in 4:31:95. Second male was Sam Gardner (Berkshire Tri Squad) in 4:17:05 and third male was Simon Brierley (Paradise Tri / Tri - Anglia) in 4:17:11. Second female was Elaine Garvican (PSOF / Buccaneer Tri) in 4:42:06 and third female was Zoe Smith (Rutland Running & Triathlon Club) in 4:47:39.

Age Group winners: 19-24 - Tayo Willett, (Kings Lynn Tri), 5:42:52. 25-34 - Tom Lawton, 4:32:28 and Naomi Shinkins, (Tri London), 5:02:58. 35-44 - Nick Rose, (Buccaneer Tri), 4:23:14 and Roslyn McGinty, (Tri London), 5:10:33. 45-54 - David Allsop, (PACTRAC), 4:40:2. 55+ - Russell Clarke (Tri - Anglia), 5:16:03.

The ECF Monster Mojito sponsored by PWR+ winner in a time of 2hr 04min 29sec was Simon Hoppe (PACTRAC) and the female winner was Catherine Benger in 2:20:08. Second male was Kris Lachor (CLUB) in 2:07:02 and third male was Ben Webeck (Clapham Chasers) in 2:09:25. Second female was Jennifer O’Brien (Clapham Chasers) in 2:22:35 and third female was Naomi Gayler (Clapham Chasers) in 2:24:01.

Age Group winners: 16-24 - Chris Potter, (Paradise Triathlon), 2:19:24 and Gail Brown, 2:28:20. 25-34 - Chris Hitchings, 2:12:29 and Aimee Stocker, (Spalding Triathlon Club), 2:30:21. 35-44 - Dan Marshman, (Clapham Chasers), 2:11:53 and Cassie Allen, 2:34:45. 45-54 - James Harness, (VO2Maximum RT), 2:17:46 and Diane Swanepoel, (Tri - Anglia), 2:49:07. 55+ - Graham Chapam (Ely Tri Club), 2:35:02

All athletes were fuelled round the course by Hammer Nutrition and Iceni and once finished tucked into yummy 9Bars and PWR+ Recover, a 100% natural nutrition drink.

The organisers commented: “We have already received excellent feedback for these races new events. Monster Racing events are known for their organisation and fast beautiful courses. The Mojo and Mojito did not disappoint. They are a fantastic addition to our event calendar and we hope they will become an established favourite amongst triathletes. We would like to thank everyone who helped marshal, all competitors, all safety and ‘behind the scenes’ crew as well all our sponsors. Thank you also to Peterborough Rowing Lake, Nene Park Trust and the City Council for supporting the event.”

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