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Thu 13th Dec 2018
Review: SOLE Custom Footbeds
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 29th April 2014

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The footbed and orthotics market must have had a little wobble when someone decided minimal and barefoot was the way forward with footwear, or lack of it! Well, as it turns out barefoot running is not for everybody, and there are still athletes out there who want and need shoes to keep them running.

Some people will struggle with zero drop footwear or historically their feet have developed a need for support. You can and should always get a professional to look you over as there is nothing better than an expert to guide you to the correct solution to your problem and footwear choices.

That said, SOLE ( have an offering for you to provide a custom insole from the comfort of your own home. This a considerably cheaper option than a professionally fitted orthotic... but you have to do the work yourself.

The SOLE Custom footbed offers a fitted footbed unique to your foot shape. This is achieved through a heating process and then simply inserting the heated insole into your shoe and standing in them until the required fit is achieved and the footbed cools and forms into your desired support shape unique to your foot.

You can also do this without heating the footbed through simply wearing the sole inside your shoe but this takes longer to adapt to your shape. The quickest way to foot support nirvana is via the oven. It only takes a few minutes in a heated oven and a small warning sticker will inform you when the correctly baked footbed temperature is reached and ready to pop in your shoe for your custom fit.

Sole Custom Footbed

The heat method is suggested for those with very low arches. By the way, these are NOT for the microwave! Just incase you were wondering...

For the perfect fit it is recommended that you trim the toe area for a good shoe fit. So far I have not had to adapt my footbeds for any of the shoes I have tried them with but it is a pretty simple procedure if you were not as lucky as me with the fit. I would suggest trying to keep them in one piece until you are sure you need to cut to size.

I have been using them daily now for a few weeks and can report they are doing fine. They are well made and I have swapped them from shoe to shoe frequently without issue. Granted, the price for a pair of insoles might seem high but if you need something fast, or a hand made orthotic is just too expensive, these might be a very good cheaper alternative and one that should last you well.

The insoles can be reheated about five times should you need to refit them. It is not recommended more then this else you may damage the structure of the sole reducing its life expectancy.

In conclusion, a great product for those who might just need a little help and are happy to try out the system at home. They are helping me with a tendon issue and I can feel the difference as soon as I put them on. They are offering suitable support and are a more custom fit than a standard off the peg insole. Personally, I refitted my insoles a second time and I found the fit felt better but this might have been down to my confidence in fitting the second time, something to bear in mind.

Key features:

  • 1.6mm of cushioning
  • Moisture-wicking top sheet, 35% recycled content
  • Vegan Product
  • APMA accepted
  • The SOLE orthopedic shape Optimizes Natural Motion™, by providing:
    - Mouldable custom support
    - Equalized pressure distribution
    - Reduced plantar fascia strain
    - Increased balance and feel
    - Enhanced alignment
    - Improved natural heel cushioning

Prices range between £30-£50 depending on your chosen footbed.

You can find out more here


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