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Thu 21st Nov 2019
7Oaks Triathlon Evergreens to change qualification criteria
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Saturday 26th April 2014

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7Oaks Tri Club have announced changes to their race alumni group, the Evergreens. Since the inception of the Evergreens three years ago, it has proved more popular than we ever imagined with over 90 people having signed up. To this end, the club have decided that the rules for qualification will change going forward as outlined below.

  • Anyone already registered as an Evergreen (see 7Oaks Tri Club website) will continue to be an Evergreen. Those with less than 15 finishes will be given an early opportunity for entry to future 7Oaks Triathlons and those with 15 or more finishes will be guaranteed a place for future races.
  • Anyone who has already finished five or more times at the 7Oaks Triathlon (which may include a finish at the 2014 event) who registers by the end of May 2014 will be accepted as an Evergreen.
  • Anyone who has finished four times at the 7Oaks Triathlon (which may include a finish at the 2014 event) can register as an ‘Evergreen in waiting’ – provided they finish the 2015 race they will then become a full Evergreen although they will not receive a priority entry to the 2015 race.

Other than these groups, the qualification criteria going forward for Evergreens will be 10 or more finishes at the 7Oaks Triathlon.

Race Director Martin Brown explained the decision to change the criteria “it has been a difficult decision to make these changes and we have not done so without a lot of thought. We realise that there may be a number of people who wanted to become an Evergreen but by sheer weight of numbers we have had to restrict entry to this group. By allowing those who will reach their fifth finish in 2015 we hope this will be a transition phase (no pun intended).”

More details can be found on the Evergreen page of the 7Oaks Tri Club website, if you qualify, you can register by clicking here. In addition to priority entry, the Evergreens also receive a special medal when they join the group which can be seen here. Existing Evergreen members need not reapply.

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