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Fri 17th Sep 2021
The 'I Wish I Had' list...
Posted by: Simon Ward
Posted on: Thursday 17th October 2013

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As part of his 2014 Hawaii Five-0 Project, Simon Ward has been thinking back to previous events and the times he has thought on the start line, "I wish I had..."

With such a tough and challenging goal set - to try and qualify for Kona 2014 at Ironman Lanzarote next year - Simon doesn't want to start the race with those thoughts, and so outlines here his "I wish I had list", with some plans and thoughts on how to achieve them. Your list might be very different - but have you got your goals included into your plan for success next year? Have a read through Simon's approach, and you'll probably trigger at least one thought you can add to improve your racing next year.

I guess that we have all been there. Standing at the start of our key triathlon and wishing that we had done more. I know its happened to me. Commonly I'll think I wish I had...

  • done more long rides
  • spent more time on my race bike
  • ridden the course
  • done more open water swims
  • lost a bit more weight
  • not ignored the stretching routine.

If you've read my previous blogs you'll know by now that I have created a MASSIVE goal for 2014. I'm 50 in February and in May I intend to try and qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships at Ironman Lanzarote.

When I stand on that beach on Saturday May 17th next year, approximately seven months from now, I don't want to have any items on the “I wish I had” list.

Therefore I have identified the items most likely to be on the “I wish I had” list and my intention over the next few months is to systematically cross them off so that on May 17th all I have is a blank sheet of paper.

Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it? But these are simply the process goals that you should all have in your annual plan. These are the tasks that you attend to every day that make the dreams come true.

Getting more powerful on the bike or faster in the water takes time but process goals are like brushing your teeth. They are just a daily habit.

As a child I tried to avoid brushing my teeth but I came to understand that if I did so twice a day it would eventually lead to less pain with each visit to the dentist. Likewise, the daily act of performing running drills, will be an important factor not only in keeping me injury free but also efficient during the run section of the race.

Without further ado, here are the items currently on the “I wish I had list”


  • regular video analysis of swim stroke
  • regular drills to improve technique identified from video
  • pre swim theraband work to maintain shoulder integrity
  • arriving on pool side at least 5-10 minutes before each session is due to start
  • More long reps at goal race pace


  • at least two bike fits
  • spend more time in aero position at race power
  • be able to hold aero position for longer at race power
  • increase functional threshold power
  • increase sustainable race power
  • use power on the road (rather than just CompuTrainer)
  • do long race specific rides on my own to preserve quality
  • ride the course at least five times on race bike


  • regular running drills
  • run more hills
  • focus on efficient technique
  • maintain regular speed work session
  • perform proper structured warm ups


  • improve flexibility
  • stretch more
  • regular foam rolling sessions
  • minimum of 8 hours/sleep per night
  • arrange work schedule around training (rather than the other way around)
  • find more relaxation time
  • reduce total body weight
  • reduce total body fat
  • avoid injury
  • pay attention to sleep environment (single duvets, better pillows etc)
  • avoid training after 6pm
  • eat before 7pm as often as possible

I'll keep you posted with my progress over the next few months but feel free to share your own “I wish I had” list.

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Simon Ward About the Author

Simon Ward is the founder of, the most experienced group of coaches in the UK. You can contact him on 08700 418131, by e-mailing [email protected] or by visiting

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