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Wed 22nd Sep 2021
National League Update #2 2013
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 25th September 2013

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Kevin Robinson reports in with his second update of the 2013 season from the UK National Triathlon League.

If you have any queries or corrections on the scoring etc, please direct them to: [email protected].

Hello, leaguers

Once again I'm beginning with an apology for the lateness of this update. It should have been available earlier but the personal difficulties (injuries and inter familial problems I described in update one), are still ongoing, although at least the injuries are healing now. I did manage to get round in a short duathlon this last weekend, although for the first time in my thirty-one years in triathlon/duathlon, I finished last.

But to the League. During these last few months some League clubs have been very active, others less so. Multiple-time League champions Derby Tri (DT) have had registration problems, and I have had to reduce their early-season total score somewhat, and now they are at a lower point, third, in the League Table. Two other League clubs have overtaken them for first and second place, and other clubs have almost closed the distance that separated them from DT. Now, as there are only two weeks of our season remaining, it seems likely that the extant positions will remain unchanged, but you never know. Remember the saying about the proceedings not being over until a certain overweight person sings?

So which clubs have been doing what? Well, League Champions, Black Country Tri (BCT) have added a second event score to their total. They did this at the Bala standard-distance event, with Chris Wood and Neil Millward scoring 309.338 points between them, which brings the BCT total to 702.424 points, which puts them just ahead of DT, who have 693.794 points. But ,who is in 1st place? Is it Tri London (TL) once again, or London neighbours Ful-on-Tri (FOT)?

TL did well at Ironman Wales, with Steven Lord and Amy Forshaw earning a total of 358.374 points, which brings the TL total to 681.928 points. But this excellent score didn't quite enable TL to catch DT or BCT, and so TL are at present in fourth place. So who is the current leader? Can it be FOT? They have certainly displayed excellence, especially abroad at championships, but perhaps they aren't doing quite enough on the domestic front to win the League, and so they are in fifth place. So who can the leaders be? Well, it's one of the new kids (scrub that last word), or rather clubs, on the triathlon block. What's more, they have done it without the competitive services of their manager, our Individual League Champion in the recent past. Yes, I'm talking about the Army Tri Club (ATC), who can now strut their stuff with a total of 716.525 points, topped up to those dizzy heights at the Vitruvian by Phil Westoby and Glyn Painter, who together, in seventh and tenth place respectively, added 349.007 to the ATC score. I bet the decimal part of their score will cause some amusement in the mess. Only one leaguer beat the two Army men at the Vitruvian, and that was James Cresswell, a former Individual League Champion, in an excellent sixth place.

Now, I can't possibly move this update towards its conclusion without focusing on the ladies! Only two League clubs, TL and FOT entered ladies' teams this year. TLL achieved four team finishes, with the two best being at the middle-distance championship at Belfort (France), and the middle-distance Cotswold Classic. Roz McGinty and Olivia Hetreed, achieved the TLL score of 290.293 at Belfort, and the same two ladies, Roz and Olivia scored 305.011 points at the Classic, to bring the TLL total to 595.304 points, which earned TLL the sixth place in the League Table. FOTL, unless I have missed something at this juncture, only achieved one team finish at a League-listed event, which was at Alanya, where Parys Edwards and Ingrid Robinson performed really well, with Parys finishing in 2:09:30, and Ingrid in 2:11:58 to earn 162.99 and 159.883 respectively off a championship tariff of 185 points. The FOTL team did not display this level of excellence throughout the season, regrettably, and so FOTL are residing in seventh place in the League Table with 322.812 points from one event.

So, will these positions prove to be the final ones? Well, I don't know which clubs, if any, have entered for either of the two remaining listed events in the south-west, and I haven't yet, in any case, finished scoring Ironman Wales. Furthermore, all scores and positions given above are essentially provisional in that they are subject to final checks and possible corrections. So watch out for Update 3, which will focus on the Individual Championship and other awards, and for Update 4, which will bring down the curtain on the League for 2013. Can you, by any chance, hear someone singing? If you can, remember that it's not the final performance yet, but perhaps the said overweight singer is starting to stretch her vocal chords, backstage.


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