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Wed 22nd Sep 2021
National League Update #1 2013
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Tuesday 16th July 2013

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Kevin Robinson reports in with his first update of the 2013 season from the UK National Triathlon League.

If you have any queries or corrections on the scoring etc, please direct them to: [email protected].

Hello Leaguers,

First, I'll begin with an apology to all leaguers, and well-wishers who follow the most exciting league in the UK and beyond. My apology concerns the lateness of this update which has been, to a large extent, beyond my control.

A few words of explanation before I get down to the business: well, just over a month ago I hit a large, ugly pothole, at quite good speed, and took off like an acrobat losing contact with his/her trapeze. I soon made contact with the road however, and then briefly continued my journey with a series of bounces, twists, and rolls before coming to rest on a nice, soft, grass verge. Some ten or fifteen minutes later I was able to stand up with the assistance of an ambulance crew and was carted off to Cambridge A & E. No brain or leg damage, but a dislocated and broken collarbone and damage to various other parts of the body. There were no warning signs of the pothole, and although it had been painted it was so long ago that even standing next to it you could only just make out the remains of the art work. The day was sunny, the sky was blue, the road ahead was clear - it just goes to show something, but I'd better not put it in print!

My solicitor now has it all in hand, and although responsible, or rather irresponsible authorities have a truly wonderful escape clause in Section 58 of the Road Traffic Act (which only requires them to prove, FROM THEIR OWN RECORDS, that they repair and maintain their roads at regular intervals, to avoid conviction and/or penalty), my solicitor thinks we have a decent chance. I won't bore you with further details but Lords Diplock and Denning, two of our greatest ever lawyers, have spoken out very forcefully against the iniquity of neglecting road repairs.

Life for me has been full of fun recently for other reasons. My mother-in-law died, which meant that my wife and daughter had to go off to Italy (my mother-in-law knew both Coppi and Bartali when she was young), and while they were there my father-in-law, who had had an operation for cancer, refused to stay in hospital (he's a former war hero from WW2) and needs daily home care, so my wife is filling the bill (not easy with a 90 year-old). It hasn't been easy for me to manage on my own but I'm recovering and will be told by the end of the month what the doctors are going to do with me! I plan to be back to plague the world a little more if I can.

Anyway, in rather abbreviated form, here is the present state of play, in the 2013 UK Triathlon/Duathlon League.

It's a story that may remind you of other updates about the UK League that you may have read before. 'Plus ca change, plus la meme chose!' Yes, you've got it - It's former champions Derby Tri in the lead again! Not all events to the end of June have yet been scored. I'm still working on some of the foreign championships etc., but as things stand now, Derby Tri has a very healthy lead - 693.994 points; Tri London is in second place again (it's like those films that come round every three weeks or so on TV - you practically know the script and every scene by heart!) with 634.022 points; but there is a little variation, with Ful-on-Tri in third place with 631.147 points; Tri London Ladies, going well again and in fourth place, have 587.509 points, which puts them well ahead of Ful-on-Tri Ladies, who have 322.812 points. Separating these two ladies' teams is British Army Tri, who have 367.518 points, the highest score from one event in this year's League. Clearly, Army Tri can do very well if they can only organise more presence at more events.

But what, I can just here you saying, about League Champions Black Country Tri.? Some of their squad members have been in action, but so far they have no team scores. Are they sitting back with their feet up and quoffing some Black Country beers? Happily relaxing until the time when they can swoop down from the Elysian fields to sweep all presumptuous opposition aside? Is that quite their style? I rather think they put the fray first and the beers afterwards, but we shall see. The fact is that unless I've missed something they haven't got a team score from the first half of the season. As usual, I'm not discussing individual excellence until later, but there are some new and relatively new leaguers who are doing well. As are some of the more experienced leaguers, of course.

Well, that's almost all I'm going to say at the moment, but I have decided to add one more event to the League List. To replace the Weymouth Middle-distance event that was not held in early June I have added the Bustinskin Diablo Middle-distance event on 29/9 2013. Let's hope we have an Indian Summer. I might even be able to join in by then.

Watch this space.


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