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Sat 1st Oct 2022
Rodger tries... 'The Brick'
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 17th July 2013

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The triathlon education of our 'newbie' Rodger Bowen continues. Following Blenheim Rodger is officially a triathlete, but having done the Super Sprint event there he has a more challenging task coming up: he will be taking part next over the Olympic Distance at the Virgin Active London Triathlon in just under two weeks time.

Rodger's latest training challenge in preparation for that was the 'Bose Brick Session', where he got his first experience of a spin bike, the challenge of the bike-run brick - and to try out some cool Bose headphones...

Virgin Active London Triathlon Training: Bose Brick Session

Bose Brick SessionSo Blenheim is done and dusted and I feel like I know the basics of this triathlon malarkey. I can swim in open water without getting lost, I can just about handle a bike course and I can run with effortless majesty (not). I'm all out of excuses so it's time to kick it up a gear for the Olympic Distance at the Virgin Active London Triathlon! It is with this in mind that I descended upon Virgin Active Aldersgate for their brick session with pro triathlete and fellow blogger Jo Carritt of the Skechers Activinstinct Performance Team. Jenny Gowans and Stuart Anderson of Team Freespeed had also dropped in to offer some helpful advice along the way.

Everyone is different but I for one NEED music for my endurance training. Having been a casual runner for years I would never go out without my iPod. I know I'm not alone on this and Bose have clearly been paying attention. I was lucky enough to demo their SIE2i sport headphones just before we got started with the session. The headphone cable is short and runs down to an iPhone armband which is included; it doubles as handsfree/mic which coupled with an iPhone gives you things like Spotify, Google Maps and GPS tracking. The earbuds themselves have stabilising rubber tabs which keep them secure while running and they feature water resistant coatings which protect the electronics from sweat and rain water. All in all they're pretty great headphones.

I'm new to mostly everything in the world of triathlon and spin classes are no exception. When I got started I didn't have the brake on high enough so I was bouncing around all over the place with a cadence of about 90. Smooth. I went straight past sensible resistance, put the brake on too high and could barely move. I was lucky there weren't three photographers taking pictures of everyone; that would have been really embarrassing. Oh yeah now I remember; that was exactly what happened.

Bose Brick Session

After a clumsy start the spin session got underway. Jo explained that many triathletes favour a high gear/low cadence approach for the main part of the bike section over low gear/high cadence. We put this into practise and tried to keep aero-position for the duration. Jo highlighted the importance of relaxing our shoulders and upper body while on the bike; I assume it must help breathing also no one wants to start the run looking like Quasimodo!

Bose Brick Session

After about 20 minutes spinning we turned the resistance down and upped our cadence in preparation for the transition to running. Lower resistance would help us avoid the “heavy legs” sensation that most experience in transition. This was the brunt of the brick session and one of the key things I noticed at Blenheim. We got straight off the bikes and Jenny and Stuart had us running 10k pace on the treadmills within a minute of having done so. It's tough at first but really important to practice. We followed up with some run training on cadence and I was really happy to have some positive feedback from Jenny who'd taught me all about run technique at the Skechers Run a couple of weeks before.

Finally we decreased to jogging pace and wound down with some new stretches. We all stuck around and chatted for a bit and eventually went our separate ways. Some of us walked away. Others hobbled. Practise makes perfect.

Many thanks to Romilly Lockyer for the use of his photos in this post and likewise in the Skechers Run.

Bose Brick Session

You can see all of Rodger's 'newbie' series, charting his progress from zero via Blenheim to the London Triathlon on these links:

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