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Tue 12th Nov 2019
Speedhub part 2: The Retül fit
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 26th June 2013

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In search of assistance to help his recent conversion to cycling, Tri247's Andy Tomlinson took a visit to Leicestershire to visit the Speedhub (, a new bike-fitting service introduced by 20+ year triathlon veteran Tim Lewington.

In part one, we took a look at the new Retül Müve Dynamic Fit Bike, an ideal way to get your bike position and requirements sorted... before you've even purchased a bike.

In this follow up piece, Andy outlines how his Retül bike fitting process with Tim on his own bike resulted in the changing pretty much everything he arrived with position wise... and all for the better.

In part one of this series I covered the Retül Müve Dynamic fit bike with bike fit expert Tim Lewington, offering you the perfect bike fit before you choose a bike.

In the this feature I will highlight my experience of getting my bike to fit me - and it doesn't matter if your bike is brand new or several years old; having a bike fit could benefit your speed, comfort and overall enjoyment.

Speedhub in Leicestershire can help with road bike, mountain bike, TT bike, Triathlon bike or recreational bike, any cyclist could benefit. Retül's bike fitting technology measures three planes of movement whilst the rider is in motion. This allows you to average out the riders pedal stroke and provide a comprehensive set of data reflecting the riders movement, and then utilise that data to amend a riders position on their bike.


As trained Retül experts Speedhub use the latest technology and the 3D motion capture bike fitting service will look at every aspect of your cycling. It turns out that science can help and just like buying a suit or a t-shirt, fit is important. A bike fit can help you take the guesswork out of the process.


SpeedhubAs with the Retül Müve process, they start by having you fill in one of their rider questionnaires and this gives them an idea of what your personal requirements are and may flag up any specific items to be considered during your fitting process.

Next up is a bio mechanical analysis and strength flexibility assessment which can again highlight any specific needs/issues for consideration. As an extra, Tim throws in a little training advice here based on his analysis of my body setup.

Then you go on to warm up on your bike for 10 minutes whilst they calibrate and check the equipment.

When this is complete, the sensors are placed in specific spots on your body in order for them to start the 3D motion capture. A fifteen second video capture is taken whilst you are riding to provide a 'before' image.

When your ride begins they take 15 second captures at different wattage levels on both sides. Multiple changes and iterations are then made until you hit the perfect balance for your body and bike, with the results of each 'run' feeding back into changes to the bike set up. Once all of that is complete, a final 'after' data capture is recorded for analysis and future usage.

SpeedhubAt the point when both are happy with your new position they go through what they have done and why. You are then presented with a comprehensive digital report of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry.

That's all well and good, but the next day out on the road how is it feeling? I have to say it is like being on a different bike. For me at least, I needed pretty much every possible change on the bike made! Cleat adjustments, saddle height and position, handle bar height, reach and angles. Need I go on? From taking the bike out of the box and popping on some pedals I was pretty much done with my own set up. Tim managed to tweak everything to give me a more comfortable and effective position on the bike. Altering pedal setup helped me with the rotation and reduced stress on my knees and made the whole pedal action more efficient. In my case I felt like I was having to stamp on the pedals to keep moving, a better setup means I am putting more power through more of the stroke which is far more comfortable and so far at least, seems faster too.

Thankfully, I had actually bought the correct bike for my kind of riding so that was okay! Had I visited Speedhub prior to buying anything I would have benefitted from knowing what to actually look for as there are so many bikes about that it can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with what you should be looking for.

Get the advice and save yourself a lot of research and time spent trying out bikes. I think I was mostly lucky but did get a little expert opinion before buying my bike, not everyone might have that luxury so ask Tim, or your fitter. Tim had even researched my planned race events and looked at the route and my bike choice, superb service.

Just like my swim technique I have changed the whole way I cycle. The bike is far more comfortable and I am more relaxed, and this means I have more confidence in the bike when out cycling. Don't tell Tim but I mirrored the set up on my mountain bike and it worked a treat! In both cases comfort in the saddle is greatly improved meaning I can cycle for longer with less fatigue.

Fitting for your own bike £185 (Details HERE). Again, I will highlight that this was the difference between my cycling being hard work and not so enjoyable. Correct fit means more comfort, efficiency and has made a huge difference to my riding technique.

If I had to pinpoint one element it would be the plane in which my knees moved prior to the fit, there was a lot of discomfort as my pedal action was being dictated by my cleat and saddle set up. A play around changed all that and allowed a more natural action which means less stress on my knees. Could that have saved me future knee issues? Maybe. You can see my knee rotation in one of the images below, it highlighted my knee was rotating in and out as well as in the direction of my pedal stroke which was causing some of my discomfort.

I know what you are going to say, it seems expensive. Think for one moment about what you get for your money, a properly fitting bike and lots of expert advice. A better riding style tailored to your needs. Long term it might reduce injury, improve race times and make riding more pleasurable. Short term is saves you time playing around with lots of different bike set ups. This should be part of your budget as it will pay you back many fold.

Craig Twigg - Professional Ironman Triathlete says...

"Speedhub has really helped with my bike fit. Being an Ironman athlete it's really important that my bike fits me, so I can not only bike fast but also be able to run fast off the bike. After years of guess work with trial and error, it's finally good to know that I'm in my optimum position. Tim at Speedhub took his time, didn't rush and made sure everything was perfect before I walked out the door. You want speed? Come to Speedhub!”

As an extra service “Ride your race” is also an option at Speedhub and allows the rider to simulate riding the course of their choice to help with the fit and also to let the rider know what they may look forward to on that particular course. Follow ups on the fit achieved are also free it is Speedhub's only objective to fit the rider and they do not retail bikes so advice is independent and unbiased.

To contact Tim visit or call 07929 932423 to get started.


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