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Tue 12th Nov 2019
Speedhub part 1: Retül Müve
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 14th June 2013

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In search of assistance to help his recent conversion to cycling, Tri247's Andy Tomlinson took a visit to Leicestershire to viist the Speedhub (, a new bike-fitting service introduced by 20+ year triathlon veteran Tim Lewington.

In part one, we take a look at the new Retül Müve Dynamic Fit Bike, an ideal way to get your bike position and requirements sorted... before you've even purchased a bike.

Taking a sport more seriously has some disadvantages; usually I have found this to be financial cost! The more involved I get the more expensive the gear becomes.

Whilst floundering in triathlon I discovered that a little bit of help was needed with my swim technique, cue a swim analysis and bingo, a few tweaks and my swim improved. It was an eye opening experience and one I will suggest to anyone coming into the sport or even old hands. The message here is that everyone can benefit from a little help.

So, next up was the bike and what could be done there? Well, it seems a lot! Having recently been bitten by the road cycling bug (bandwagon?) I got myself kitted out with a new steed and hit the roads. It was just okay, nothing more. So with the swim experience still in mind I got myself down to see Tim Lewington at Speedhub. Speedhub's biking fitting service will help you achieve the best outcome for you and your bike, a claim I was about to experience!

Tim has been an active triathlete since 1993, competing in his first triathlon at Market Bosworth. He has had a fascination with bikes from an early age and quickly earned the nickname Tinkering Tim!! He worked for Total Fitness Nottingham for a number of years and over the past two years has been solving his own lower back issues caused by riding incorrect bikes. He is a Retül certified fitter and has also the triathlon / time trial certification.

I have split up my days experience into two parts. As I already had a bike it was a case of making good my initial over-excitement of rushing out and buying the first bike I liked the look of. Not strictly true, I did deliberate for an age but what I didn't do was get suitable help in the purchase stage other than size of frame. Sure, go to your local shop and ask an expert... but wait, here is where you can help yourself and save a lot of time and effort in the shopping stage.

Retül Müve  Dynamic Fit BikeWhat if you knew what bike was going to be good for you before you opened a shop door or clicked 'buy' online? What if someone could suggest the size, model and components for you leaving just the impossible choice of what colour to pick? Enter the Retül Müve Dynamic Fit Bike. The bike fit provides more than just a frame size, it goes way beyond that so you can confidently shop with all the correct data for your needs and size.

The newest addition, Retül Müve can be set up for road, mountain, and tri positions and works in conjunction with Retül 3-D motion capture in order for the fitter to collect rider data and immediately make bike adjustments to create the desired final position.

With the 3D motion capture bike fitting service you are guaranteed to leave knowing exactly what your optimal fit is and with your frame finder consultation, the exact bike and size you will need.

Using the latest Retül technology they carry out a 3D scan of your body as you cycle. From this while you’re riding your bike, they can collect information about your riding position, movement and the load that is being placed on you.

They can see from this what your pedalling efficiency is, how your left-right power contributions are effecting your body and what needs to be done to fix this.

Prior to any of the services you start by completing a rider questionnaire. This gives an idea of what your specific cycling needs are and if you have any problems injuries or niggles that may have to be considered during your fit process.

Next up is a bio mechanical analysis and strength flexibility assessment = this also provides information on your particular cycling needs.

Retül Müve  Dynamic Fit Bike

Next, you go on to warm up on Müve bike for 10 minutes to calibrate and check the equipment.

When this is complete sensors are placed in specific spots on your body in order for you to start the 3D motion capture, A fifteen second video capture is taken whilst you are riding to provide a 'before' image.

Retül Müve  Dynamic Fit BikeOnce your ride begins, 15 second motion captures at different wattage levels, from both sides are recorded. Changes are made until they are happy with the overall position, and then further final captures for analysis are recorded. At the point everyone is happy with your new position you go through the analysis, what has been done and why. You are then presented with a comprehensive digital report of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry.

At this point you can look at the new 'frame finder' software where your co ordinates are matched to a database of frames and if necessary 'virtually' swap out components to build an exact fit, based upon your Müve bike fit - taking the guess work out of a very important purchase. All you need then is to get shopping...

The Müve bike fitting is priced at £225. (See more HERE). I think this is a great investment in ensuring your cycling comfort, fit, efficiency and expert advice. They even do great coffee... A great way to stop you making a very expensive purchase of a bike that will ultimately prove unsuitable for your needs

To find out more, contact Tim on 01455 558951 or visit to get started.

Speedhub, Unit 9, St Johns Business Park, Rugby Road, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4HB

In part two of this feature, I'll run through the process I went through my experience of being fitted to my own bike, using the Retül 3D Motion capture system.

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